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Kargil War – Massive Indian Defeat

Kargil conflict was the most disastrous experience in the history of both Pakistan and India, as several precious lives were lost across the border and that loss is inevitable.These neighboring but hostile countries already share a long history of contention. Both the countries title their victory in Kargil war, which was fought in 1999; stories of both the sides are biased and vague. For Pakistan, it was a self-protective stratagem, which eventually went towards a long-lasting conflict.

It was because of India’s own brutalities and atrocities in the region of the Indian Occupied Kashmir that caused the ordinary people –known as the most peaceful people – to become militants and fight against Indian Army. It was the inefficiency of Indian army that a few hundred militants had shaken the whole Indian establishment. Those militants bruised the Indian claim of being a massive power in the region of Asia. Several of wounded dead bodies were found in the battleground, some were recovered and the others were unfortunately left decaying in the glaciers. India had never witnessed such a massive defeat ever in any war. Its sovereignty was badly threatened and the country faced maximum number of causalities ever.

There are many reasons which can be attributed as the initiating factors of the war, the main reason was the violation of Indian army of the agreements which were signed by the two countries – those include, Cease fire line agreement, Shimla agreement and line of control agreement. India was obstinately violating all the agreements which caused further hostility.

Indian administration was unable to eradicate the presence of militants from Kargil and it took a wrong decision of the military solution, which caused a few Pakistani and immense Indian troops’ causalities.However, Pakistani and Indian media played its vital role in intensifying the already strained tensions between the two countries. Pakistani media projected the militants as Mujahideen which were referred to as the True Liberators of Kashmir.

Yet, India still manages to celebrate the victory in Kargil war every year which had caused hundreds of people to lose their lives. More than 300 posts were occupied by the Pakistan army during war – which was started by India. This shows the indecency of

Indian media and subsequently elaborates the Indian foreign policy’s key agenda that is making Pakistan diplomatically isolated and internationally culprit. This delusion is spread across the world by India and the country which is rendered as the most efficient in promoting peace is tried to tag as a terrorist state by India, which is impolite and regrettable as well.

However, this is an evident fact that Pakistan had won not only the war, but the brave solders like Lalak Jan and Captain Colonel Sher Khan performed the feats of bravery and lost their lives serving the cause of Pakistan which will always be written in golden words in the history of Pakistan. Pakistan Army held the posts and fought with bravery. Pakistan had won Kargil war militarily but did not win it diplomatically as well as politically because Indian diplomats exploited the conflict and went to get support from America, in which they succeeded. Furthermore, the country’s political authority could not bear the pressure because Pakistan was already facing economic sanctions. India used heavy artillery and US had put pressure on Pakistan due to which the country had to give up an already won war.

Indian media ought to understand the sensitivity of situation between the countries and rather than promoting hatemongering and escalating the tensions it must show courtesy and responsibility. As it is a well-known fact that the peace in the region of south Asia is dependent on peace between India and Pakistan. Celebration and elevation of wars is licentious and inhumane so rather than doing that, the focus should be made on promoting peace gestures which would be beneficial for the welfare of public.


Writer: Sidra Insar Chaudhary