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Mohsin Dawar replies to BBC’s Propaganda Article

While Pakistan is going through the Hybrid Warfare, the Propaganda news agencies like VOA & BBC are leading this warfare against Pakistan using their puppets in Pakistan & overseas to spread disinformation & fake news. Just like this subversive article by Ilyas who calls himself journalist but is actively campaigning for PTM and has also started a petition for the release of PTM’s leaders Ali Wazir.

Ali Wazir was the one who already said that he will kill Army personnels in his speeches.

Ali Wazir’s video openly saying that he will kill Pakistani Army Soldiers.

Both of the PTM leaders are under investigation for inciting violence in the tribal districts of KhyberPakhtunkhwa which caused the death of 14 people including a Pakistan Army Soldier.

The guy who wrote the article for BBC don’t even know if Ali Wazir & Mohsin Dawar are MPs or MNAs. (Imagine his level of Knowledge 😅) just because he is writing for western media he has started western terms of parliamentarians, in Pakistan MP is member of Provincial Assembly.

BBC’s article has also accused Pakistan Army for doing the same thing which Taliban did in Pakistan for the last 15 years, in other words the writer Mohammad Ilyas Khan is calling Pakistan Army terrorists which is endorsed by BBC. The state of Pakistan needs to ask Ilyas & BBC that how is Pakistan Army’s actions equivalent to the Taliban?

Comparing Pakistan Army to Taliban is extremely unfair and unjust because Pakistan has rendered countless sacrifices in the War against terrorism and have lost more than 6,000 security personnels in this war against terrorism.

Source: Government of Pakistan

Ilyas has also mentioned the air strikes on the terrorists haven’t killed terrorists but common residents of those areas, however, the same drone strikes are endorsed and appreciated by PTM’s leader Mohsin Dawar.

There are many tweets & contents in which the leadership of PTM has endorsed everything which happened in the tribal districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to eliminate terrorism by Pakistan Army. However, everything Ilyas has written in his article for BBC are not factual . The leadership of PTM have even endorsed the operations in Tribal Districts as you can see Mohsin Dawar appreciating Pakistan Army in his tweets below.

Zarb-e-Azb: Good luck, Pak Army ,,,,,,a must read analysis by @marvisirmed about Waziristan operation Zarb-e-Azb

— Mohsin Dawar (@mjdawar) June 17, 2014

Let me post some more tweets of the PTM’s leadership to answer the accusations made by BBC article in which the writer is insisting that innocent people were killed deliberately by Pakistan Army.

Here is Mohsin Dawar answering Mohammad Ilyas Khan’s article.

I strongly doubt that the stories mentioned in the BBC article are true considering the credibility of the writer but I still am doing research about it and trying to get in touch with the people Ilyas mentioned in his story and if it was all lie please don’t be surprised because we all know VOA & BBC are playing a major role in the Information Warfare against Pakistan & they would publish any irrelevant write-ups just to get “clicks” on their websites and spread fake news / propaganda.

And if BBC has any credibility left they should remove this article immediately and ask for apologies.

I have to rush and catchup with my friends for a chill evening so I wanna conclude this article with answering those who still want to believe the subversive article by Ilyas, I would leave you all with PTM’s leader Mohsin Dawar’s advise 👇

This is not the first time I had to counter a fake story & propaganda even VOA had to apologise for their irresponsible journalism last year when we wrote this article READ it and enjoy the RESPONSE.

I expect BBC to have the same level of professionalism as VOA has 😜!

Here are some more Gems by Mohsin Dawar considering the current situation of Pakistan!!

Written by: Arif Atozai