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Lok Sabha Elections: Issues of the People of Telengana – Shaikh Moazam Khan

India is one of the largest democracy of the world. Its population is increasing day by day and now touching the highest level in the world. Its economy is very ideal for investment in any sector. Cultural and political diversity have also existed in the Indian society. Thereare 29 states and 7 union territories in India. Telengana is one of the newly born states of India. Indian political culture is very unique and needs some amendments in it. Indian population is currently facing different challenges especially social and economic due to the erroneous priorities of Indian politicians. Despite having better investment opportunities and huge global market for exports, Indian government has failed to deliver. Incumbent Indian government led by BJP and under the premiership of PM Modi is politicizing economy. 

Indian people are facing terrible economic conditions under PM Modi’s government where BJP is going all out to facilitate its nationalist allies. People from lower castes and Muslims communities are being victimized over political grounds. In all 29 states, despite the presence and government of regional parties, BJP and its nationalist allies are creating troubles for other ethnic communities especially for Muslims and Sikhs. They are being killed by the Hindu nationalists over the name of “Holy Cow”. Telengana is one of those states, which arevictims of BJP’s right wing politics. Incumbent Indian government deliberately ignored this state and has failed to deliver basic facilities and rights to the people of this state. Majority of Telangana’s residents practice Hindu religion whereas smaller numbers of the population follow Islamic values. One Fourth people are members of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

Telengana is also one of the most corrupt states in India. Indian politicians are looting the resources of the state and not spending on the development of the state. Indian politicians are using their influence to grab the government land through the local politicians and corrupt civil officers. Civil officers of the state are getting money from general public to help out needy public instead of doing the task as their official duty. Telenganais agricultural state of India; Rice, Maize and Cotton are the major exports of this state. Indian government is getting huge amount in terms of revenue by exporting rice and maize to other countries. Despite giving majorexports to Indian government, this state is being neglected by Central government. Indian government is ignoring this state and not spending amount to upgrade the living standard and infrastructure of the state. There are so many challenges which are still present in the state like, low literacy rate, low industrial growth and unemployment. 

Literacy rate of Telengana is lowest in India as compare to the other states and territories. Water issue is also there and government is turning blind eye over this issue and has failed to resolve the water crisis due to which people are suffering severely to meet their daily needs. Telengana is urban state and still lacks in education sector too. Indian politicians are trying to get their sympathies to grab votes but on the other hands, are not paying attention to provide resilient education system to the people of state. The scheduled castes are marginalised in access to occupancy markets in state. Cropping intensity is relatively low among scheduled tribes. The irrigation levels are truncated among these communities. According to Telangana Social Development Report 2017 released by Southern Regional Centre of the Council for Social Development (CSD), a significant section among the poorest of the poor in the state does not have access to the Public Distribution System (PDS).”

Muslim community is also being alienated from the basic rights. 12.5% population of Telengana is Muslim. 70% Muslims are living in small towns of the state and being kept away from the mainstream political discourse. They are very weak economically in the state. Politically Muslims are struggling in this state. They are facing the slogans like “Pakistani Agents”. The only Muslim party in Telengana is All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen(AIMIM) under the leadership of Asaduddin Awaisi. AIMIM is facing threats from Hindus nationalists for raising its voices for Muslims and to protect their rights. Indian government needs to tackle the issue of protection of Muslims from Hindu nationalists through peaceful means and by sitting with the religious clerics of Muslims. Indian government should introduce reserve seats for Muslims in the state like it created for Dalits. Indian government should also stop political victimization of Muslims and other minorities. There should be equal employment for other than Hindu communities inside India. Central government should create parity among state and try to mend ways to create ethnic divide within the country to alienate Muslims and other non-Hindu communities.