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Lok Sabha Elections and Hostile Attitude of India – Shaikh Moazam Khan

Indian government led by PM Modi has entered into general elections aiming to seek second consecutive term. Both BJP and Congress are major contenders to form government and to grab premiership. BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) appears to be in a strong position to form government as per the initial reports and surveys of various channels. PM Modi is using IAF’s airstrikes in Pakistan on 27 February as major weapon to accomplish political objectives. Although, Indian Election Commission has barredpolitical parties for politicizing armed forces. However, PM Modi is still politicizing armed forces by getting the credit of IAF’s airstrikes in Pakistan. 

BJP is using every tact to grab victory in the Lok Sabha elections. BJP is making huge claims about the Indian economy but the situation on the ground tells us different story which is contradicted with official claims. Millions of Indian are living below the poverty line. Indian government has failed to provide basic facilities to the masses and focusing on their defence sector. People are committing suicide due to the deplorable policies of Indian government. No matter which party won the Lok Sabha elections, there should be the element of respect for Indian masses who are living in horrendous situation. Incumbent Indian government under BJP is amalgamation of Hindu nationalists and has zero tolerance policy for Muslims and people from lower castes. BJP government is taking care of the interests of Hindu nationalists and their armed wings like Bajrang Dal and RSS who are extremely against the Muslims. 

Anti-Muslims sentiments were at its peak during the five years PM Modi led NDA government. Dozens of Muslims have been killed so far in the name of cow slaughtering in various states of India. Let’s take the example of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) where new records have been formed to alienate Muslims and suppress their struggle for freedom. BJP led NDA government has failed to understand the Kashmir cause and its sensitivities. PM Modi introduced gun culture in the valley and has given free hand to armed forces to act against innocent Kashmiris. Indian forces are violating basic human rights and targeting Kashmiri people on the name of search operations. Despite Indian oppressions, Kashmiri people are staging agitations against the atrocities of Indian forces in different regions of J&K.

Indian government under PM is praising its ultranationalist Hindu allies by targeting Muslims and other lower casts. To alienate Muslims in J&K, India is trying to change the demography of J&K. Indiangovernment is planning Israel type model to convert J&K into a Hindu state. Indian government has hinted that it will abrogate Article 370 and 35A of the Indian constitution to change to status of J&K. Entire political leadership of J&K and political figures within India havewarned that they will resist against any Indian attempt to change the status of Article 370 and 35A of Indian constitution. India should realize here that nothing can be achieved by use of force. The only way to achieve peace is by taking Kashmiri leadership on board before taking any decision about the political fate of Kashmir. 

Hindutva ideology is engulfing entire Indian political and social spectrum. Increasing Hindu nationalism within India is causing stern mischief for minorities who are feeling insecure under the BJP government. Hindutva ideology is there just to praise some specific Hindu groups and organizations to get political support in Lok Sabha elections. Leaders of BJP are saying that India should become Hindu state which shows the xenophobic intents of BJP. Proliferation of Hindutva ideology will create anarchy within Indian political and social culture. The concept of secular India has been vanished under the BJP led NDA government. There is no space for secularism in India under this government. People of lower casts in India are being suppressed and threatened. Government is paying no heed to addresstheir concerns. They are being kept away from the mainstream employment opportunities. 

Indian opposition parties are warning BJP for creating politics of hatred inside the country and creating divisionwithin different communities of India. BJP is playing with the fate of 1.3 billion Indians just to accomplish political objectives. Indian Media along with BJP’s leadership is instigating the emotions of Indian masses over political grounds. Hostile attitude of Indian government towards Pakistan is creating chaos among Indian society. While at the same time, Pakistan is extending peaceful gesture to India for regional peace. Pakistan is behaving like a sensible nuclear state while India is testing is patience. Despite hostile Indian attitude, Pakistan refused to act in a hurry to take revenge of Indian aggression. 

India should realize that Pakistan is also a nuclear state and to test its patience repeatedly, will put regional peace in jeopardy. India has to sit with Pakistan on the negotiating table to resolve all the outstanding issues through peaceful means. India should focus more on its domestic issues to provide basic facilities to the poor people who are living below the poverty line. Spending billions of rupees on defence will not work efficiently;India should work to upgrade the living standard of Indian people. It should also focus on to create parity among different communities. India should not alienate Muslims and other communities over political grounds. Indian political leadership should realize that Muslims and other communities are playing key role in Indian economy. They are the real face of secular India. Government of India should protect their rights.