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Prevailing anti-Muslims’ Sentiments in West- By: Asad Ali 

Islam is the second largest religion in the world after Christianity. It is mentioned in every religion that one should respect norms and values of other religions. Every religion has its own code of life. Due to mounting extremism and rising ultranationalist parties/groups, uncertainty is engulfing the entire political aura of the world. Intolerance and hatred elements within the society are causing communal violence in the world. Rising anti-Muslims’, sentiments and attacks against their place of worships are ringing the alarm bells across the globe. It is very clear that anti-Muslims sentiments in West can destroy the beleaguered international peace. If not entire Western political elite, then a few western politicians are extending their support to various ultranationalists’elements to carry out attacks against the Muslims who are seeking immigrations in Western countries and U.S. 

Attack on two mosques in New Zealand’s quite city Christchurch, which is one of the most peaceful countriesof the world, has alarmed the international community.  A gunman identifying himself as an Australia national live streamed the rampage at Al Noor Mosque to Facebook. He had espoused racist and anti-immigrants views. He has described immigrant Muslims as threat to white supremacy. Before the rampage, he had mailed his 74 pages manifesto to the Prime Minister’s Office New Zealand. In his manifesto, he hailed the President Trump’s anti-immigration policies.

Killing of innocent person, no matter to which sect he/ she is espoused with, is not justifiable at any cost. We should condemn malicious and malignant terrorism to slaughter Muslims heinously and brutally. Perception of American/ Western media is that attacker was an ‘armed man’, if he is a Muslim, then they label him as a terrorist. 

49 people got killed brutally in the rampage. Soon after the attack, condemnation across the globe started coming in various form. However, it was very awkward moment when a few countries refused to mention the name of Muslims in their official condemnations. Like, President Trump did not speak a single word in the favor of Muslims who are becoming victims of the White Supremacy. President Trump is known for his anti-Muslims and anti-immigrant policies. Let’s take another example, Indian government issued official condemnation of the attack and refused to mention the name of Muslims to extend its sympathies for the bereaved families.    

The barbaric act of terrorism by a White racist leveledagainst innocent Muslims in New Zealand attested the fact that no religion, culture or nationality promote or support terrorism. However, that is a mindset, which could grow in any part of the world.  United efforts are required to eradicate this mindset from the menace of the world. There are some countries in world who keep grudges against Muslims. They are ultranationalists and wanted White Supremacy to be prevailed. 

Muslims vowed to proliferate harmony among various religious communities. They are not xenophobic against any religious community. Act of some international politicians over the issue of New Zealand attack is condemnable. One should understand that terrorism and extremism are common threat to international peace. Muslims are the sole victim of global terrorism which is emanating from various religious groups across the globe. Even there are different sects in Islamic religion. Some ultra Islamic religious preachers are putting international peace in jeopardy. Thereafter, prevailing White supremacy and fascist ideology are deteriorating religious culture of different sects. Various anti-Muslims campaigns are being carried out in different parts of Europe. Punish the Muslimis most prominent among them. Worship places of Muslims are not safe. A day after attack in New Zealand, a mosque in Eastern London was attacked by racist British national. The attacker vandalized the property of Muslims outside the mosque. 

Terrorism and extremism are mainstream issues for the world. They can only be wiped out from the face of the earth through mutual and joint cooperation. One cannot blame any particular country or group for this cause. Pakistan and Afghanistan are major victims of terrorism and extremism.  Both countries have lost thousands of its innocent citizens and government officials. Still, they are fighting to eradicate this cause bravely. They are close to eliminating terrorism and extremism from the society, which will have positive outcomes globally and internationally. It is responsibility of international community to cooperate with both countries for long lasting peace. Peaceful objectives cannot be accomplished without joint cooperation. International community should stop blaming Muslims especially Pakistan for providing safe havens to non-state actors because it will demoralize their efforts to eradicate terrorism and extremism.