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Indian Fake Claim of Airstrikes inside Pakistan – By: Sheikh Moazzam

Since the Attack on India’s Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) on 14th February in Pulwama district of J&K, struggling bilateral relations of India and Pakistan are at their lowest ebb. Both countries had a nuclear standoff recently due to Pulwama incident. A dogfight between the jets of Pakistan and India also took place in which India lost one jet its pilot was arrested by Pakistani authorities. A sigh of relief has finally come to this region after the release of the Indian pilot who was in the custody of Pakistan. All the guns of Indian Media and Government are towards Pakistan to create malign propaganda against the country. 

After the airstrikes in Pakistan, Indian government claimed to have killed hundreds of terrorist. Interestingly, Indian didn’t respond initially. Pakistan remained in a denial mood and denounced Indian claim firmly. Indian government under the PM Modi is under the severe criticism from opposition parties over the tall claim of airstrikes in Pakistan. Congress along with 20 other mainstream opposition parties is demanding the evidence of Indian claims for airstrikes in Pakistan. They seem frustrated with the fake claims of Indian government. To reduce the mounting criticism, PM and his BJP is using every other mean to prove his claim. Indian Media is the major tool that BJP is using for the vindication of his stance. Indian Media’s policy is totally in line with the policy of BJP and its government. Indian government has started new Media strategy to fuel anti-Pakistan propaganda. 

Recently, an Italian journalist Francisca Merino wrote an article in the First Post Newspaper in which she vindicated the stance of Indian government about the number of causalities during the airstrikes in Pakistan. By using journalists, Indian government will try to satisfy its workers and vindication of its stance. A large faction of people in India now questions the validity of the incident and the opinions and findings of international media investigative reports resonate within the general public of India. An investigation conducted by an Australian Newspaper using satellite imageryacquired by Planet Labs Inc. on the morning of February 27 revealed that there were three clear impact areas between 150, 185 and 200 meters from the edge of the alleged facility. The imagery also showed that the payload landed far from structures in the alleged targeted facility. New York Times also raised questions over the capability of Indian Armed Forces. To denounce the criticism of International Media, Indian government is using journalist like Francisca Marino to build up its own staged narrative to get the political mileage ahead of Lok Sabha elections which are just a month away. BJP is seeking another term amid criticism and strong opposition from various political parties. 

This proposes that the case made by India’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs of ‘a huge number’ of aggressors being killed in an airstrike is likely false. There can be multiple inferences made from the events that followed on from 27 Feb. For starters the missiles system could have failed to hit the acquired target because of an error during the targeting process. It is important to note that the payload used in this case was Israeli-made SPICE-2000 precision-guided bombs which have a 50% probability of hitting targets within a 3 meter radius or that India wanted to demonstrate their ability as a military force and motioning to Pakistan that the expected impact of these strikes was to not cause material harm. 

This claim is as absurd it sounds, why a country would launch a mission behind enemy lines – who also happens to be a nuclear state just to show off its military might. But the fact remains that this was a coordinated attempted airstrike from the Indian side which was foiled by the subtle and quick response from Pakistan’s air force and that the payload was dropped by the Indian pilots to avoid the impending doom of being shot down by the PAF aircrafts inside Pakistan’s territory.  This was nothing but a political stunt by the PM Modi just to strengthen BJP’s chances in the upcoming Lok Sabha– General Elections and that there is allegedly fabrication and cover ups in regards to how the events unfolded by the Indian army and the government.