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Surge of Independence Movement in Kashmir – The Attack of Pulwama

The Newton’s third law of motion states that ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’. Therecent application of Newton’s third law was being witnessed in the Pulwama district, south of Indian Occupied Kashmir by the discharge of opposite and equal reaction when a young local freedom fighter naming Adil Ahmed Daron Thursday afternoon rammed his vehicle into the convoy of Indian paramilitary troops on the busy highway of Srinagar-Jammu. The suicide attack asa result claimed the lives of about forty four paramilitary personneland dozens of others fell injured, the worst ever attack in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir since the zenith of independent movement in 1989.

The powerful magnitude of attack on paramilitaries on heavily guarded highway taken the Indian people by surprise, stunned the Indian security establishment and paralyzed the Indian state machinery. The Modi Mantra under which vicious circle of unrelenting violence against the unarmed and innocent Kashmiri people well-documented in the first ever 49-page report by the United Nation’s office of the High Commission for Human Rights (OHCHR) now takes a dangerous turn with no end game in sight.

The attack has been a natural reaction to the Indian stateatrocities,particularly the Hindu Nationalist Modi’scruelty and cowardice and his 5 years period of brutal political repression in the valley made more such attacks likely. As the Kashmiri youth seems to be powered by the spirit of fighting till death only gains momentum in Modi’sattempt to increase the force against Kashmiri people.Despite Indian increased surveillance and highly militarized security apparatus in Kashmir such attacks are likely to increase in the times to come.

Though the Indian tactics to traumatize the unflinching spirits of Kashmiri people are not new as the People of Indian Occupied Kashmir have been confronting the Indian state terror and atrocities over the past seven decades but civic space was shrunk even more and life became daunting under the Modi’s five years reign. Untilrecently, three gunfights this week alone killed eight Kashmiris and many get disappeared, kidnapped, tortured on everyday basis by the Indian security forces. The family members have been too terrified to fully grieveand mourn openly fearing the consequences.

The international observers and audience, who sit far from the valley a thousand miles away, probably could not fully comprehend the kind of horror Kashmiri people have been experiencing. However, the fresh surge in indigenous freedom movement indicates that the oppressed Kashmiri people have reached their patience and would take whatever it may take them to resist the Indian violence.

After the seventy years of Indian rule spending billions of dollars on infrastructure and improved security apparatusfailed to win hearts and minds of massed but India is onlyfalling apart in Kashmir. Over the past seven decades, the chant of “hum kia chahtey, Azaadi” only gets the pace and power even there is no giving up in sight. Besides, the history will not forget Modi’s reckless push who gives life to the stale Kashmir movement.

Nonetheless, the Kashmir yet again stands at thecrossroads that requires the world to live to its international obligations and stop being complacent about the alarming ongoing situation on ground in Indian occupied Kashmir and do not view it as cheerful approval.The first ever report by the United Nation’s office of the High Commission for Human Rights (OHCHR)soundssufficient to awaken theapathetic consciousness of the world. The world must recognize the efforts and enormous sacrifices of the people of Kashmir and must demand India to stop the theater of terror in the valley. 

The international society as a whole must find a way to protracted Kashmir dispute in the line of United Nations Security Council Resolutionwhich offers to assist the peaceful resolution of Kashmir by giving people the fundamental right to plebiscite and to recreate their own destiny before conflict reached a threshold between twonuclear armed countries.The comity of nation around the world must prevent the heaven on earth by its landscape turn into the hell bloodshed.

The writer Sarfaraz Ahmad Rana is M.Phil Graduate in International Relations from Quaid i Azam University Islamabad