North Waziristan Elders Will Conduct “Jirgas” To Stop Propaganda Of The Ethnic Extremists Movement PTM After The Drop Scene Of The Fake Video of “Hayat” A Resident of Khaisor Village

A video was published by one of the member of Pakistan’s ethnic extremists movement PTM in which a guy named Hayat, a resident of Khaisor village, alleged that his family has been facing harassment due to frequent visits by security forces to his home after his father and brother were arrested.

The interview that went viral on social media caused chaos and unrest in the tribal districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The elders of North Waziristan arranged a “Jirga” to find out the truth about that video, the Jirga found out that youngster named “Yahya” instigated “Hayat” to make a fake video with help of another member of Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement named “Noorul-Islam-Dawar”.

The Jirga punished Yahya for making up a story which has hurt sentiments of millions of Pashtuns around the world.

The “Jirga” was attended by Malik Rabnawaz, Qismat Khan Kabal Khel, Gul Naeem Hasan Khel, Jahanzeb Turikhel, Malik Zuman Turikhel, Gul Daraz Torikhel, Malik rimal Bora Khel, Nek Zalishah SpinWam and many other prominent figures and Maliks of Waziristan. Approximately 400 people attended the Jirga, moreover, the elders decided to organise more Jirgas in the future if someone else try to spread fake stories and propaganda like the members of Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement did. Action will be taken according to the Pashtun cultural Jirgas against the malefactors.

“Yahya punished by Elders at Jirga”

Elders speaking to media after the successful “Jirga”

Hayat was not present in the Jirga – some sources claims that he has been held by Noorul-Islam-Dawar, who is using him for election campaigns and collecting donations.

The elders appreciated the sacrifices of the security forces in the tribal districts eliminating religious extremists, the Maliks said they are committed that they will not let the ethno extremists to cause any trouble in their villages and homes.

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