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Foreign Meddling In the Assassination of “The Father of Taliban”

Pakistan being an eastern neighbor of Afghanistan has borne the brunt of 17 years of war on terror in Afghanistan. From blaming Pakistan for doing less to censuring her for every security failure in Afghanistan, the international and Afghan media has played an adversarial role. This time again, Pakistan’s security agencies have been blamed for Pakistan’s own loss of an influential scholar, Maulana Sami-ul-Haq of Darul Uloom Haqqania. Maulana had been the scholar of a great stature famously known as the Father of Taliban for many of the Taliban had been his disciples including Taliban leaders Mullah Umer and Mullah Akhtar Mansoor.

Sami-ul-Haq’s assassination is actually a shrewd move by the factions who do not want to see a peaceful Afghanistan, because a peaceful Afghanistan promises a prosperous Pakistan which is obviously unacceptable for a few states.

He had been assassinated at his Rawalpindi residence on 2nd Nov, 2018. Being the teacher of many a Taliban, he had enjoyed respect in the Taliban outfits and he had an eminent role in the Afghan peace process. Famous for his anti-US but pro-peace posture, Maulana was a bright hope for the establishment of peace in Afghanistan. He had been contacted many atime by the US and Afghan officials. Recently, in October, an afghan delegation met him and sought his help. Owing to his influence over Taliban, he was an asset for Pakistan. His assassination has not only affected the Afghan peace process but also Pakistan’s role in establishing peace.

Sami-ul-Haq’s assassination has become a controversy. International media seems to hit the wrong chord once again by blaming Pakistan.

Instead of holding the actual culprits accountable, the international media has been putting everything on Pakistan’s security establishment in the backdrop of TLP fiasco and the FATF issue. Pakistan is being doubted for her role in establishing peace in Afghanistan even after the release of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar,the co-founder of Afghan Taliban, on the request of US for the cause of strengthening peace process. Here the question arises why Pakistan would hit its own self by assassinating the man, who could be of definite help in Afghan peace process. Therefore, it can be opined that Sami-ul-Haq’s assassination is actually a shrewd move by the factions who do not want to see a peaceful Afghanistan, because a peaceful Afghanistan promises a prosperous Pakistan which is obviously unacceptable for a few states.

Hamid-ul-Haq -the son of slain leader- also stated that his father had no personal rivalry and he (Hamid-ul-Haq) doesn’t doubt anyone but India and Afghanistan for Maulana had received threats from Indian and Afghan sources.

Moreover, Sami-ul-Haq’s demise has also affected Pakistan’s position over the peace process. Hence, one can infer the foreign rival hands behind this entire episode. Similarly, according to Arab News, Majeed Qarar, the cultural attaché at the Afghanistan embassy in the US, went live on face book and stated, “I felicitate all Afghans on the death of Sami-ul-Haq.” This response of Afghan official after JUI(S)’s leader’s demise furthered raised questions on Afghanistan’s role in it.The NDS-RAW nexus and their inimical posture towards Pakistan is not a hidden fact anymore. Thus, there seems a possibility of NDS-RAW involvement in Maulana’s killing. On the same hand, Hamid-ul-Haq -the son of slain leader- also stated that his father had no personal rivalry and he (Hamid-ul-Haq) doesn’t doubt anyone but India and Afghanistan for Maulana had received threats from Indian and Afghan sources.

Additionally, this event happened against the backdrop of Moscow Format -A Russian Peace Initiative for Afghanistan. This assassination appears to be an ideally planned killing at that critical time just to stall the Russian initiative for Afghan peace because after all it was Russia’s initiative not US’. Therefore, there seems the possibility of CIA’s involvement for it’s in a habit of such covert attacks.Likewise, the statement of Gen. Hameed Gul’s son-who suffered an attack on that very dayalso points towards the CIA involvement. Not only this, but another point is that so far no Taliban faction has taken the responsibility of Sami’s assassination. In fact, Taliban spokesperson stated that whosoever killed Sami was an enemy of Islam. Hence, the enemies of Islam are known to the whole world.

On the concluding note, there are certain grey areas needed to be addressed by the international media. It is not always mandatory to even curse Pakistan for not finding life on mars. The conspiracy theorists, must refrain from blaming Pakistan or constructing propaganda against her, and instead they shall exhaust their energies to dig out the hidden realities and the actual trouble makers.It is, therefore, incumbent on international media to adhere to the basic journalistic norms and shall respect every nation’s sanctity.

Writer Miss Merwah Hamid Qureshi holds an M. Phil Degree from QAU, Islamabad and is also a visiting lecturer for International Relations at National Officers Academy (NOA), Pakistan. She is a freelance writer for online portals. Her area of specialization is the changing world International Relations.