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30 Years of Hostility – Kashmir

The most militarized zone in the world is not in Iraq or Syria. It’s in Indian-administered Kashmir, a region racked by a separatist insurgency for almost 30 years. Despite being said the “Paradise on Earth” by many – it has been a subject of violence and tyranny for decades. Since 1988, Indian forces have intensified ethnic cleansing campaign against the Kashmiris. Their houses are being burnt, people arrested, tortured, raped and killed. So far, nearly 100,000 killings are done in Kashmir by Indian army and this number is even growing exponentially as Indians are using brutal manners to suppress the voice of people of IOK and their legal struggle for freedom. It is highly hypocritical when you say Kashmir is an integral part of India, you are talking about the land, not the people. You need to own the people with the land.

The Indian Army along with Police and different militant groups have been accused and held accountable for committing stringent human right abuses against Kashmiri civilians. Diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks revealed that the ICRC had briefed US officials in Delhi in 2005 about the use of torture from 2002–2004 by security forces against hundreds of detainees suspected of being connected to or having information about militants.

Human Rights Watch stated that Indian security forces assaulted civilians during search operations, tortured and summarily executed detainees in custody and murdered civilians in reprisal attacks“; according to the report, militants had also targeted civilians, but to a lesser extent than security forces. Rape was regularly used as a means to “punish and humiliate

Indian occupied forces under the veil of Armed forces special protection act and Cordon and search operations (CASOs), are continuously killing youth, vandalizing property and subjecting people to harassment and torment.

In occupied Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party, Muslim Conference, Awami Action Committee, Tehreek-e-Mazahmat, Salvation Movement and other Hurriyat organizations have categorically rejected the so-called local bodies’ election in the territory, saying the Kashmiri people want plebiscite, not election drama. Despite this, failing to decrease the determination of Kashmiri people through the use of force, Indian deep state used Local Body Elections drama in Jammu and Kashmir which was a three phase activity. In the first phase only a few districts were selected for the local body election drama. Reportedly, ruling BJP is claiming sweeping majority in the polls in Jammu region whereas in the valley, the sit in is quite different.Hurriyat leadership is terming the elections as a sham and farce activity to hoodwink the international community. Even the Indian media is reporting about slumbering turnout (about 8%) in the valley region with the prediction of poor turnout in second and third phase.


Since the publishing of UNHR report on ‘Sit in Kashmir’, Indian frustration has increased manifolds. India attempted to ventilate the frustration by hollow claims and usual allegations against Pakistan in recent UNGA’s session. On the contrary, Pakistan used a decent and mature posture to project the sufferings and struggle of innocent Kashmiri people against unlawful occupation of IOK. Pakistan’s mature stance even attracted appreciation of Indian external affairs expert like Shashi Tharoor who censured the speech of India’s external affairs minister.

To register their protest again Indian atrocities, Kashmiri people all over the world observed 27 October as Black Day with Pakistan extending moral support. Kashmiri people will also observe “Jammu Martyr Day” in November as well.Over 250,000 Muslim residents of Jammu city and adjoining areas were martyred on the single day of 6th of November 1947 by the despotic Dogra forces led by Hindu fanatics under a pre-planned conspiracy while they were moving for migration to the newly-borne beloved – Pakistan. The day is observed every year by the Kashmiris to remember the supreme sacrifices rendered by those over 250,000 prisoners including men, women, children and elderly Muslims who were mercilessly slaughtered by the armed Hindu gangsters including the Indian occupying forces and the Dogra military troops near Jammu-Sialkot working boundary.The world is now acknowledging the excesses done in Kashmir by Indian forces but there is still a dire need to stop Indian horrid exertions in IOK.

Member of European Parliament Julie Ward has expressed grave concerns over the ongoing atrocities of Indian Army in Occupied Kashmir. In a statement, Julie Ward said that she is raising her voice against the human rights violation in Kashmir in European Parliament and United Nations (UN).

The high level of military dominance in the valley has badly disrupted daily routine of Kashmiris, she added. The parliament member went on to say that Indian soldiers are using pallet gun that is affecting eyes of the Kashmiri people. The troops’ misbehavior with women is also unaccepted, she clarified.

Recently, in Kulgham, during a search operation, 14 civilian Kashmiris lost their lives. Also during the last two months, Indian security forces have martyred more than 70 innocent Kashmiri people including a Ph.D. scholar namely Abdul Manan Wani.

Despite being subjected to the worst type of tyranny at the hands of Indian occupied forces, the people of Kashmir have developed a firm believe that ‘now there is no way back’. The ongoing intifada in occupied Kashmir is, in fact, a natural and indigenous reprisal from oppressed Kashmiris. Kashmiris are now prepared to sacrifice everything to liberate themselves from usurpers and their tyrannical suppression that has been exacted on them for decades and Kashmir is a disputed territory under UN resolutions to hold a plebiscite for their right of self-determination.

The writer Sidra Insar is a graduate from QAU, Islamabad and is currently working as an educationist in the Government of Pakistan. Her area of interest is Political Dynamics of States and International Relations.