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GoZest which brought youth from all around Pakistan together to promote Tourism in the beautiful valleys of KhyberPakhtunkhwa

Tourism in Pakistan has always been a growing industry. As geographically and culturally blessed Pakistan – with the enthralling mountainous scenic beauty that is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination, having world heritage sites, diverse culture, historical legacy, and Nature at its best of arts – the tourism has been the most important industry for an under-developing country like Pakistan. Undoubtedly, tourism industry in Pakistan has served its best and reached at its peak in 1970s’, the golden era, when the Government of Pakistan in point of fact declared the tourism activities an “industry”.

All was good, until the terrorism hit Pakistan. Gilgit Baltistan, and the province Khyber pakhtunkhwa are important destinations in Pakistan, and people living there mostly depend on tourism. However, the northern belt of Pakistan and the KP province fell severely under the major threats and attacks of the terrorists, right after the 9/11. Foremost impact of the terrorism can be seen on People, public properties, and the heritage beauty in those affected area.

Though, tourism getting disappearing under the greater impact of terrorism, a freshly thriving breeze starts to blown from the long forgotten areas, Gozest. A group of youth took a heartfelt step in reviving the tourist activities in the KPK province, leading the event from the front, taking control of retrieving the gone image of hospitality of Pakistan, in the highly accomplished way to produce the positive image.

Gozest is Pakistan’s first, Multi-locational, Tourism and cultural festival, where youth from all over the Pakistan are encouraged to join and be a part of this social event. Purposely the vision of this event executes the efforts of the youngsters in attracting the tourists of other regions to the land of hospitality i-e Khyberpakhtunkhwa. The event includes various developmental workshops, discussions and team-building activities that enhance and refine the youth leadership skills and thematic knowledge.

The mission of this event is to make people close to other’s custom, traditions, and to promote peace, along with the revitalizing activities under the scenic beauty of Pakistan, which left people awestruck, and having the best of their time for once in their lives.

The Gozest is the event initiated by the Provincial Youth Assembly- in collaboration with the Galiyat Development Authority in 2016. The 1st ever multi-locational residential event took the peoples’ heart, and the response was overwhelming. The long frozen iced image of the terror has started to melt down and the beauty of the hospitality started too augmented in people’s perceptions.

 Later on working with the identical enthusiastic mission to achieve their vision, the Gozest event returned back in 2017, #GoZestReturns with major accomplishments and high successes. This time the Executives of the event, the management, volunteers and the delegates helped themselves in rediscovering the beauty of Khyberpakhtunkhwa in the Swat valley. The success of the event was the only upshot of the ambitious youth of Pakistan, and their farfetched efforts.

The year 2018, has already been declared the year of #Gozest3hrill. The unmatchable, incredible and the fanciful success the event has achieved this year, is beyond anything. The awe-inspiring efforts from every single person in the event have taken it to the peak. The response was exceptional. Gozest has accomplished its long term vision in a hit stroke, by representing the hospitality of KP, spreading positivity and endorsing peace, in a quite accountable manner. 

Besides improving the tourism environment, there is a great need to erase the negative perception about the country and the terror affected areas specifically, in which the Gozest has played its role exquisitely.

Nevertheless, as we say the sky is the limit, more is yet to be achieved. Deliberately future projections will be enhancing the vision in more precise approach and focused on the more social developmental causes among the Pakistani youth. Considering the vision and the mission of the Gozest, Pakistan will categorically and undeniable be having the revival of the Tourists activities momentarily, not only locally but internationally.

The promotional activities of the event, the response from the people and the high ranked official authorities, has set an example to the world, that any initiative with the soulful mechanism and with the stronger ambitious vision, can be achieved even in the darkest of times, that has what Gozest achieved successfully this year.

According to the executives of the event, Next year’s Gozest will have tourists from all around the world. 


Written by: Ali Khan Afridi