Christian leaders rally behind Muslims against blasphemous cartoons contest – It is creating enmity between Muslims and Christians

Leaders of the Christian community have unanimously said that contest of blasphemous cartoons in the Netherlands was aimed at creating enmity between Muslims and Christians and threatening world peace.

Speaking at a seminar on harmony, organized by Diocese of Hyderabad, Church of Pakistan Imran Joseph Gill and Nazeer Masih urged the United Nations and other international forums to take up the issue.

They stressed legislation on the issue and demanded that the Dutch government must remember that no religion could tolerate such things.

Earlier, blasphemous cartoons were published in Norway and Sweden which had hurt religious sentiments of Muslims, they said.

The religious leaders stated that the contest could not be called freedom of expression and if the matter was downplayed it would lead to the clash of civilizations.

They said that the Christian community stood for harmony among followers of different religions.

Bishop Kaleem Jan of Diocese of Hyderabad, Church of Pakistan said at a gathering of Christian community that the fact that cartoons would be made viral on social media could not be tolerated, Dawn News reported.

‘It is a conspiracy to attack religious feelings of Muslims. Extremism had already jeopardized world peace and must be put to an end,’ he added.

He also urged Pakistan’s political leadership and prime minister to take up the issue with the Netherlands government.