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Peter Dutton Was Bad, But Scott Morrison Is The Worst

Few days ago, Australia’s treasurer, Scott Morrison, won the prime ministership, he beat both Julie Bishop and Peter Dutton for the job, with the final vote coming down to a 45-40 vote between Morrison and Dutton and became the 30th prime minister of Australia, replacing Malcolm Turnbull.

Scott Morrison was born in Bronte in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, his family background was strongly Christian and communitarian. His father, John Morrison , was a police commander and was also politically active, serving 16 years on the local council as an Independent and becoming the mayor of Waverley in the mid 1980s. Scott Morrison is now a Pentecostal and thus part of the most rapidly growing denomination in the land. While many of Australia’s PMs have been Christian, Scott Morrison marks the first time a member of a “new” church has reached that office.

He was managing director of Tourism Australia who had approved the controversial $180 million tourism campaign featuring Lara Bingle who spruiked Australia by asking, “So where the bloody hell are you?”.

In 2008 he entered then-Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull’s shadow cabinet as spokesman for housing and local government, he was a shadow minister for immigration a year later. As shadow immigration minister he masterfully exploited the issue of asylum seeker arrivals during the Rudd and Gillard governments, and he devised another effective slogan: “stop the boats“.

When the Abbott government was elected in 2013 Morrison entered the cabinet. It was there he first facilitated the Abbott government’s campaign to stop the boats under Operation Sovereign Borders and oversaw then systematic abuse of thousands of asylum seekers & legal refugees. The operation has been routinely criticised by international watchdogs for its cruelty to asylum seeking men, women, and children.

He also blamed asylum seeker Reza Barati for his own death in a riot on Manus Island, giving incorrect information to the media, blaming it all on the asylum seekers rather than the prison guards.

It was ScoMo who suggested that Save the Children workers were making false claims after they raised asylum seekers concerns about sexual harassment from guards, independent reports later found there was no truth to his statement.

In a December 2014 cabinet reshuffle Mr Morrison moved to the social services ministry and after helping Malcolm Turnbull to remove Tony Abbott as prime minister, Mr Turnbull rewarded Mr Morrison’s support with a promotion to the position of treasurer, his Federal Budgets largely favoured high-income earners and corporates. He reduced the net income of the working class and young people by cutting penalty rates and lowering the HECS repayment threshold, he pushed tax cuts for big business and blamed young people for economic issues while there’s 600-odd corporations that do not pay any Tax.

PaTH internship program was also his brainchild, that one where the government paid businesses to take on young people as interns for as low as $4 an hour. Mr Morrison’s also the guy who cut ABC funding by $84 million.

In 2017, Scott Morrison Brought a lump Of Coal to the Parliament– “don’t be afraid, don’t be scared,” Morrison said, while the other LNP MPs laughed.

He was just one of ten Liberal MPs, alongside Abbott and Barnaby Joyce, to abstain from the same-sex marriage vote despite a national poll strongly supporting the change.

The Scott Morrison also opposed Labor’s royal commission into Australia’s banks and financial services called them nothing more than a “populist whinge”.

Choosing Peter Dutton would’ve been a bad idea but don’t forget that we have been through the dark ages of Tony Abbott and now being an immigrant & young Australian citizen I am embarrassed to be ruled by Scott Morrison. I have always criticised the leadership spills in both parties which rob us of our say in who leads us.

LNP changed its leadership and replaced Mr.Turnbull with ScoMo to gain public support but while I am writing this article the new NewsPolls results are released and according to it the Preferred PM: Morrison 33 (-11 compared to Turnbull) Shorten 39 (+7) and with the Federal 2 Party Preferred: L/NP 44 (-5) ALP 56 (+5).

So it seems like LNP has lost more support by appointing ScoMo crashing the popular support for the coalition to the lowest levels in a decade.

Written by: ArifAtozai