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How an American Filmmaker in Pakistan Hilariously Shutdown the Trolls & Critics

Cynthia Dawn Ritchie is an American freelance director, producer, and writer working on an international travel series. Currently working on the variety of humanitarian projects in Pakistan, from flood relief and health care efforts to the reconstruction of high schools and women’s health clinics. Cynthia’s documentaries and short films showing the positive image of Pakistan are something which no one has ever done before on international level to promote Pakistan. Unfortunately her influence on social media has started bothering many people who don’t want to let anyone show the positive image of Pakistan and that is why Ms Cynthia is under attack by anti Pakistan elements on the social media from within Pakistan and from other countries.

This tweet explains it even better:

Late one night when Dr.Siddiqa and Haji Pasha were bored so they started knitting yarns and Haji S Pasha whose brother is also contesting in the coming general elections on the ticket of PMLN tweeted that the participants of an open competition #PositivePakistan run by Pakistan’s DGISPR to promote the positive image of Pakistan are actually the ISI agents.

He attached the list of the participants which was published by ISPR’s official website.

Dr.Ayesha Siddiqa endorsing that tweet claimed that there are names of about 1000 ISI agents in that list.

Dr.Siddiqa also mentioned the main reason of her bitterness with Pakistan Army.

“I’m very dissapointed I didn’t get any perfume or Khadi that Dr. Siddiqa said ISPR sends!”

Ms.Cynthia’s name was also in that list of the participants so she replied:

“However, I have received offers of free doodh Patti and crates of mangos at my doorstep from an unknown source… Is this payment for my contribution towards #PositivePakistan picture contest? Perhaps Dr. Siddiqa would be the better judge of that.”

The real disaster started when Dr.Siddiqa accused Ms.Cynthia for working for the Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency ISI & we don’t know the other names she mentioned…..

We all thought Dr.Siddiqa was just accusing Ms Cynthia but everyone was in shock when the photos of Ms.Cynthia during her training & job with Pakistan Army started to circulate on Internet. Ms.Cynthia had no option but to accept that she works for Pakistan Army.

It only got worse….

More and More secret photos started to emerge on Twitter

Some top enemy agents even digged out her childhood photos when she was working as a child agent which is very common in ISI to hire “Pigeons” and “Children” to do the most delicate operations.

When asked for a final comment, Cynthia replied “Sazish Intensifies”