Woman’s genitals allegedly burnt with Branding Iron in Nody Modification Procedure

A man who styles himself as a body modifier has been accused of burning a woman’s genitals with a branding iron during a procedure.

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Brendan Russell did not speak to media as he arrived at Gosford Local Court today where the matter was mentioned.

The 37-year-old is known for his body modification work which includes tongue splitting, belly button removal, scarification and subdermal implants.

The Terrigal man is accused of performing a procedure on a 33-year-old woman at a business in Newcastle during 2016.

The woman later made an official complaint to police who formed Strike Force Nellievale, with Mr Russell arrested at his home earlier this month.

Court documents allege Mr Russell burnt the victim’s genitalia with a branding iron.

His solicitor told the court Mr Russell would not be entering a plea at this stage, but would seek a variation to his bail conditions “at some point”.

He is to report to police daily, has an evening curfew and cannot engage in any form of medical or health services, either paid or voluntary.

The court documents suggest a custodial sentence is likely if Mr Russell is convicted.

Magistrate Bruce Williams adjourned the matter to July 20.