Malcolm Turnbull’s approval ratings jump: Newspoll

MALCOLM Turnbull has strengthened his popularity as Australia’s preferred prime minister in his equal best Newspoll result since the 2016 election.

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The Liberal leader recorded an eight-point jump in his approval ratings to 46 per cent while Opposition Leader Bill Shorten slipped three points to 32 per cent.

It’s Mr Shorten’s worst result for 2018, while Mr Turnbull’s ratings have returned to “equal best level since 2016”,The Australian has reported

The results, published by The Australian on Sunday night, follow income tax cut promises in the Federal Government’s Budget and a citizenship crisis that forced four Labor MPs to resign from Parliament.

But the Coalition has trailed Labor 49-51 on a two-party preferred basis for the second consecutive poll.

That margin is the Coalition’s best position since September 2016 as both major parties gear up for a string of by-elections to be held across the country as soon as July.