FURY as Burglar’s Lavish £100,000 Funeral Procession set to go Past OAP’s Home

Friends and family of the late crack addict will spend £100,000 for a “funeral of all funerals” for the late crack addict.The hero pensioner killed Vincent, 37, in a struggle as he fought to protect his wife and his home during a raid in the early hours of April 4.

Since then tensions have remained high in the street with Vincent’s relatives and angry residents clashing over floral tributes to the dead burglar.

People now fear Vincent’s friends could clash with the community when the funeral procession takes place.

Richard Osborn-Brooks' property in Hither Green

“They’re planning to spend £50,000 just on flowers”


Speaking to The Sun, a source said: “They plan to take the procession right past the house.

“It’s supposed to be a message to locals and the guy who killed him that gipsies are not to be messed with.”

The source added: “Vincent’s spent his life ripping off the elderly yet his funeral’s designed to make you think he was some kind of gipsy god.

“They’re planning to spend £50,000 just on flowers.

“There will be limousines and ornate horse-drawn carriages.”

The 27-year-old Vincent is due to be buried near his family’s site in Orpington, Kent.The news comes as victim Osborn-Brooks is believed to still not have returned to his home.

The 78-year-old has been forced into hiding after stabbing burglar Vincent to death.

A pal claims Mr Osborn-Brooks is so scared for the safety of his disabled wife Mo, 76, that he will be forced to sell the £500,000 property in Hither Green.

Speaking outside the home in Hither Green in south-east London the friend, who did not want to be identified, said the couple feared a revenge attack from Vincent’s supporters.

He said: “They are waiting for the dust to settle before they put their house on the market.”

“They could terrorise him. It’s not safe.”

Richard Osborn-Brooks killed burglar Henry Vincent in Hither Green
The pal added: “He’s got what happened that night on his conscience for the rest of his life.“He’s never going to forget that he’s killed someone.

“He’s not a violent person, he’s a really nice run-of-the-mill guy.”

The pensioner was arrested on suspicion of murder but released without charge.

He is now believed to be in a safe house under police protection.