Seal Spotted 50 Miles from the Sea in Yorkshire Dales

The seal was spotted in a field in Yorkshire. Pic:Karen Hargreave

A confused seal has been spotted 50 miles away from the sea in a field in the Yorkshire Dales.

The animal was photographed by Karen Hargreave who saw it on the bank of the river at Topcliffe Weir, near Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

 It is thought the adult common seal was chasing fish from the North Sea up the River Swale before stopping for a rest on the grass.

Other walkers reported mistaking the grey-coloured animal for a sheep.

Bex Lynam, an advocacy officer for the North Sea Wildlife Trusts, told Sky News: “This is an unusual occurrence, although there are a number of instances of this happening across rivers around England in recent years.

Ms Lynam said recent heavy rainfall may have allowed the seal to travel further upstream than normal.

“Generally speaking, seals will find their way back to the sea eventually where they do not meet any man-made barriers like weirs and lock gates. In this instance, it’s likely it will need to be transported back to sea,” she added.