Dash Cam Footage: Vicious Sydney Road Rage Attack Caught on Video

A VIOLENT road rage attack that broke out in the middle of a busy main road in south-west Sydney has been captured on dashcam.

The video was this morning posted on Dash Cam Owners Australia’s Facebook page with the caption: “Horsley drive Fairfield NSW, 10/4/18”.

The footage shows a white Jeep pull out from a left side street and attempt to cross two lanes and double lines to turn right.

A driver in a white Jeep attempts to cross double lines to turn right.

A black car coming from the lane the driver tries to pull into stops to let him through. But as the driver in the Jeep slowly nudges his way in, a shirtless man stopped behind the black car jumps out of his vehicle and starts sprinting towards him.

The man can then be seen repeatedly throwing punches at the driver through the car window. The driver eventually opens the door, gets out of the vehicle, and fights back.

The pair continue to punch and kick each other as four lanes of cars — two in each direction — come to a standstill. A bystander then crosses the road to assist but is almost run over by a car as he does.

He quickly dodges the vehicle then joins the fight. The alleged attacker is soon tackled to the ground as another witness comes to help.

“Awesome job to the guys that helped him out,” one Facebook user wrote in response to the video.

A shirtless man comes bolting towards the driver and starts punching him through the window.
The two men kick and punch each other in the middle of a main road, oblivious to the traffic stopped around them.

The shirtless man eventually stands to his feet and walks back to his car before the Jeep driver and surrounding cars has contacted NSW Police for comment.

Bystanders rushed to the scene to join and break up the fight.