Baby Found on Footpath in Surry Hills

A BABY was found on a footpath in Surry Hills overnight.

It is believed a resident found the baby, believed to be only two or three weeks old, on the footpath outside a home on Bellevue St, just before midnight.

Police set up a crime scene and were spotted taking photos of a grate covering a hole to an underground window, which was one metre deep.

A resident living nearby said she hear police asking if anyone had seen a pregant woman.

Inspector Peter Eastman said that the baby was OK and in hospital.

It is understood the baby was found near the grate on the footpath.

Police later returned to the scene and took metal mesh covering the grate and a beer bottle and other items nearby.

The grate where the baby was found. Picture: Bill Hearne

The resident whose window is right in front of where the baby was found said she was in shock.

“I was just sleeping and I heard someone knocking on the door, then I heard someone asking did you see any pregnant women, any baby?,” she said.

“It was the police, my housemate got me, there were five police around, four police cars.

“The police came interviewed us and asked us do you see anything strange around.

The pit covered by the grate is one metre deep. Picture: Bill Hearne

“I asked them is the baby still alive, they told me the baby was about two or three weeks.”

Another woman who was drinking at a pub nearby said she saw a car rev up loudly on the street before police arrived.

The baby was taken to St Vincents Hospital. Picture: Bill Hearne

“It was a white range rover, that was about 40 minutes before the police came and spoke with us,” she said.

Investigations will be ongoing.