Yowie New Rangers Series Expands Across Australia into More Supermarkets

YOWIES, the famous chocolates from the 90s, are back with a new range of surprise toys being sold across more supermarkets in Australia.

Yowie’s Ranger Series features a new surprise toy within a capsule encased in the character moulded chocolate.

There are 25 unique collectables: 20 species including animals like the Leatherback Turtle, Golden Lion Tamarin, Whale Shark, American Crocodile, Ivory-billed Woodpecker, Black-footed Ferret, Jaguar, Devil’s Hole Pupfish, Florida Manatee, California Tiger Salamander, South American Tapir, Phantasmal Poison Frog, Horned Guan, Utah Prairie Dog, California Condor, Attwater’s Prairie Chicken and Vaquita.

There are also two limited edition toys — the American Eagle and the Palila to collect.

Yowie fans can collect the toys through buying their Yowie playmates from the series including Rumble, Boof, Crag, Ditty, Nap and Squish. There is also a chaser character called ‘Eric The Bulldog.’

The Yowie Ranger Series. Picture: Supplied

Each creature inside the Yowie Ranger series comes with a fact sheet that lists key information about the wildlife species such as its level of endangerment, physical and behavioural characteristics and natural habitat.

Each animal is rated on a scale of endangerment, with its conservation status ranging from ‘not threatened’, ‘near threatened’ and ‘vulnerable’, to ‘endangered’ and ‘critically endangered’.

Yowie toys are designed to be collected and swapped so fans can collect the whole series.

A statement released today confirms they are made with 100 per cent premium milk chocolate that is nut, gluten and GMO free.

“Yowie is certified by the Rainforest Alliance making it the natural chocolate choice for the allergy and eco-conscious,” it says.

Yowies were originally launched in Australia and New Zealand in 1995 by Cadbury and Kidcorp, featuring a cast of characters created by authors Bryce Courtenay and Geoff Pike.

They returned to Australia after a 12-year hiatus after they were sold overseas in the US.

The Yowie Ranger series is available from Woolworths, Big W, Kmart, Coles Express, IGA and more retail outlets.