Watch the Moment a Punter Accidentally Trashes a DJ’s Set, and Ends up Under it

TALK about sick beats. A video capturing the moment a DJ set-up fell on a festival goer at a music festival near Byron Bay has gone viral.

DJ Louie Cut told Storyful he was playing a set at the Rabbits Eat Lettuce music festival’s main stage on April 1 when a man climbed the platform to pay him a compliment on his performance.

The video, viewed two million times on Facebook, shows the two men shaking hands before DJ Louie Cut gestures for the man to get off the stage.

The punter grips the front of the table holding the decks as he starts to step down from the stage. Source: Facebook/DJ Louie Cut
Seconds later the table tips over, the man tumbles to the ground, and the equipment lands on top of him. Source Facebook/DJ Louie Cut

The man can be seen lingering for a few moments after the exchange.

The punter then tries to get down from the platform, grabbing the front of the table holding the DJ set-up, causing it to fall down right on top of him.

Festival goers stop dancing as the music cuts.

Then a muffled “there’s somebody under it” is heard.

Several men then run from the crowd towards the area immediately under the stage, where the man is trapped beneath the DJ equipment.

The man lying on the ground amid the wreckage. Source Facebook/DJ Louie Cut

They lift the table which had held the decks off the man.

A voice can be heard saying “you OK. you all good??” Followed by “you’ve got a pretty bad bump on your head, as turntables are lifted off the fallen man, and passed back up to the DJ.

The man was taken to the hospital where he received stitches on his forehead, according to DJ Louie Cut.

“Just to make it clear, the kid is all right, he went to the hospital and got some stitches in his head and as far as I know he is fine now,” Cut said on his Facebook page.

“The situation was solved in 10 minutes and I continued one of the most hectic sets of my career.”