School Bus Roof SHEARED OFF in Horror Crash – Leaving 43 Injured

The roof was sheared on impact, leaving one teen critically injured and five more with serious injuries, according to local police.

Travelling back from Europe on spring break, the students, most between 16-18, were on the Southern State Parkway in New York when the chartered bus hit the overpass late last night.

“There was glass everywhere,” said James Cardi, who was in a passing car.

“A majority of the kids were standing by the guardrail, but there were people still trapped inside.”

The bus is believed to have been travelling from JFK to the Walt Whitman Mall in Suffolk Country to drop the kids off with their parents.

“There was glass everywhere”

James Cardi

bus crash us new york children injured

Police officer David Candelaria said: “A commercial bus, owned by Journey, bus lines from Irvington, New Jersey, was traveling eastbound on the Southern State Parkway, where it struck the Eagle Avenue overpass.

“In the bus, there was one driver, five chaperones and 38 students, ages 16-18 years old.”

Children could be seen sitting on the motorway covered in blankets as emergency services attended the scene.

us bus crash injured children new york

Candelaria added: “I give credit to the Nassau County Police Ambulance Bureau, Emergency Services Unit and the Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department.

bus crash us new york children injured serious

ACCIDENT: The driver was not familiar with the area and is being investigated

“They set up a mass casualty treatment triage and probably saved lives.”

Traffic moving along both sides of the road was severely delayed due to debris from the crash.

Police say the driver is not from the area and was not aware of the parkway system with lower overpasses.

The accident is under investigation.