Bikie Feud Escalates as Girlfriend Targeted with Pig’s Snout Insult

THE feud between two heavily tattooed bikies has sunk to ugly new lows with the men targeting each other’s girlfriends in a series of derogatory Instagram posts.

Former Bandidos boss Brett “Kaos” Pechey is reportedly fuming after ex-Hells Angel and Fink, Ben “Notorious” Geppert, posted a picture of Pechey’s lover with a pig’s snout photoshopped on her face.

Pechey and Geppert are dating Gold Coast models Rikki Louise Sutton and Allaina Vader and considered themselves bikie “brothers-in-law” before they fell out in late February.

The photoshopped image of Ms Sutton with a pig’s snout flanked by two police emojis was posted to Geppert’s Instagram account @iamthenotoriousbg on Thursday.

It was titled “Onion” — an insulting term for a bikie’s girlfriend.

It came after Pechey was granted bail this week in the Southport Magistrates Court where he had appeared on charges he threatened to stab police during a three-hour siege on the Gold Coast.

The stand-off, which involved 26 heavily armed police officers, ended when Pechey overdosed on a cocktail of Valium and Xanax pills and had to be hospitalised, according to the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Pechey, whose bail restrictions ban him from the Gold Coast except for court appearances, reportedly went off the rails after receiving a phonecall claiming Ms Sutton was cheating on him.

The infidelity allegations, allegedly made by relatives of Ms Sutton, caused an argument between the pair and sparked the siege.

The court heard that Pechey had flown to the Gold Coast from Perth, where he is based, to help Ms Sutton pack up her things and move her to Western Australia with him.

His defence lawyer Campbell McCallum told the court that Pechey, a paranoid schizophrenic, feared Ms Sutton was in danger after Geppert publicly accused him of being a “dog” (police informant).

“There’s a strange type of feud going on with another couple on the Gold Coast,” Mr MacCallum told the court on Tuesday.

As Pechey walked free on Wednesday and prepared to return to Perth with Ms Sutton, Geppert followed up the pig’s snout insult with yet another dig, posting an old mugshot of Pechey and calling him a “dog”, a “loser” and a “pin head”.

“Quick brah take da pic while I’m bridging up, main stream will be on the walk way soon I don’t want em to see me! #ProtectionDog #peaHeart PIN HEAD”,” he wrote on Instagram.

Geppert took swipes at Pechey and Ms Sutton in the comments.

“He’s a girl so I guess to him it’s normal,” Geppert wrote in one of the comments.

Ms Sutton and Ms Vader have reportedly not been on speaking terms since their boyfriends fell out.

On Wednesday, Ms Sutton Instagrammed a picture of her and Pechey on a dinner date, captioning it with: “I will have your back until the end #evilneverwins” but when another user made a derogatory comment about her sister, she replied: “Truth will come out in court for Allaina & Co at a later date, I can’t comment publicly for now. I wish her all the very best in life”.

Yesterday Ms Sutton hinted there was more trouble to come with the post: “There are two sides to every story, and then there are the screenshots. To be continued.”