Snake ‘Dive Bombs’ out of Tree to Escape Capture at Australian School

The tree snake's last resort was caught on video.

Footage has emerged of a snake taking a “dive bomb” out of a tree outside a Sunshine Coast school in Australia.

The common tree snake was hanging out in a tree in front of the school office when one of the groundskeepers tried to move it along.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers owner Richie Gilbert shared footage of the attempted move, which saw the snake take a “big leap” from one tree to the next, amid screams from onlookers.

“One of the janitors went to relocate it themselves, given it is not a dangerous snake and they just wanted to move it away from the kids who were hassling it,” Gilbert said.

“It took a big dive bomb out of the tree and then it took off and they couldn’t find it. It relocated itself.”

Gilbert said it was not completely strange behaviour for snake species, with some in Asia capable of “gliding” between trees.

“In Asia there are snakes that basically jump,” he said.

“They spread their…scales, stretch themselves out and turn themselves out into a thin, wide, flat snake and they glide.

“They are not necessarily flying … they fall gracefully.”

He said while it wasn’t common for tree snakes to leap between trees, it can often be a last resort.

“If they are out on the ends of a tree and they feel threatened they will just bolt thinking that is their best opportunity to get away,” he said.