A Sign in Perth’s Yagan Square Displayed some very Inappropriate Content Last Night

YOU know how it is. You’re on an innocent stroll home through your local streets, just trying to live a good Christian life.

And then BAM! A bit of good old-fashioned hardcore pornography shows up in public to shatter your saintly aspirations.

Perth commuters got a shock last night after an electronic sign in the new Yagan Square displayed a pornography website.

The sign broadcast the homepage of Pornhub to hundreds of pedestrians making their way home.

The $73.5 million public square, which will link the Perth CBD to Northbridge, opened on March 3.

But no, it wasn’t some sort of genius publicity stunt.

A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) told the offending content was removed as soon as authorities were aware of it.

“Yagan Square has two touchscreen wayfinding signs, one at each entrance of the William Street Mall.

“Unfortunately, it appears that these screens were compromised this evening and for a brief period of time some inappropriate content was displayed on one of the screens.

“Both screens were immediately turned off and power has also been switched off to the units to eliminate all possibilities of a recurrence.

“The MRA takes this matter very seriously and will undertake a full investigation to understand how this event has happened and identify those responsible.”

It’s safe to say extra caution will be taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

But in the meantime, won’t somebody please think of the children?!