Netflix Series Filmed in Adelaide ‘The Beginning’ of Content Creation for Streaming Services

Actors in Netflix series Pine Gap smiling at each other.

A new Netflix series being filmed in Adelaide and parts of the Northern Territory is “just the beginning” for Australia to produce original content for streaming services, according to the new chief executive of the South Australian Film Corporation.

Courtney Gibson said Pine Gap would be a boost to the country’s reputation in creating engaging content for an international audience.

Communications equipment inside the Pine Gap base, seen from afar at night

“Based on what we’ve seen in the past, I think there’s no question that once an entity like Netflix builds relationships on the ground in a territory like Australia and starts working with us and taking delivery of our programs that then are enjoyed by audiences globally, I have no doubt that there will be more of that business here,” she said.

“Projects like Pine Gap will open that market up to South Australia and Australia more broadly…”

Ms Gibson said it was just the start of collaborating with streaming services.

“I think the last three years of activity by South Australian producers — and Australian producers working in South Australia — has been financed by streaming services here and around the world, meaning those shows have found their way to a global audience,” she said.

“I think we’re seeing just the beginning of what will be a wave of more production here.

“Right now South Australia has the very best rebates on offer in the country and because we have world-class studios, because we have absolutely peerless locations … because we have this great heritage of film and TV production, we have great heads of department and great crews.

“We’ve never been better positioned to take advantage of the growing Australian business with the new streaming services.”

The new show — set for release later in the year — will “lift a lid” on the secrets hidden in one of Australia’s top international defence facilities.

Pre-production on the show — which delves into the allegiance between Australia and the US at the spy base facility in central Australia — started in November last year.

The six-part series was created by Greg Haddrick and co-writer Felicity Packard.

It will be home to some familiar faces from other shows made for streaming services including Wolf Creek Season 2 actress Tess Haubrich and Romper Stomper’s Jacqueline McKenzie.

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Last year Haddrick said the series was inspired by international and political tensions.

“A compelling work of fiction inspired by modern geo-political tensions, we are delighted to be working with Netflix and the ABC to produce an original concept for a worldwide audience,” he said.

The ABC’s Director of Television David Anderson said the series would be a timely subject for the international audience.

“It’s the perfect anchor, and a timely subject, for an Australian drama that can resonate both locally and with a global audience,” he said.

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“Pine Gap is shrouded in intrigue for many Australians.

“This partnership enables a high-end Australian drama to be produced for all Australians, and for locally produced content to be delivered to an international audience.”

The Screentime production has been financed by Netflix and the ABC, in association with the South Australian Film Corporation.

It follows the production of original programs Romper Stomper and Wolf Creek being developed for streaming service Stan being filmed in South Australia and Victoria.