Jack Nicklaus Cries After Teen Grandson Sinks Hole-in-One in Golf Contest Ahead of Masters

Golf is in their genes, but that didn’t make Jack Nicklaus any less emotional when his 15-year-old grandson aced the final hole in Tuesday’s annual Par-3 Contest ahead of the Masters.

Wearing a caddie bib after he carried his grandfather’s bag, Gary “GT” Nicklaus Jr. stepped up to the ninth hole at Augusta National’s par-3 course and took his swing, according to ESPN. In video of the moment, the ball can be seen soaring through the air and landing on the green, slowly rolling until it finally went in the hole to roars from the crowd.

After triumphantly raising his hands in the air, GT turned to hug his grandfather.

Despite many victories on the course — Jack is a six-time Masters champion — the golfer said GT’s first-ever ace shot ranked “number one” on his long list of fond memories from the tournament.

“What I did doesn’t make any difference to me,” said Jack in an interview with ESPN after wiping away tears. “Watching your grandson do something, it’s really special.”

“I got a few tears,” he admitted to ESPN.

The golfing great bragged to the outlet that he predicted GT would hit the hole-in-one when they talked about him taking the shot.

Jack also made sure to honor the moment on his Twitter page, sharing a video.

“With all due respect to the Masters, allow me to put my six green jackets in the closet for a moment and say that I don’t know if I have had a more special day on a golf course,” he captioned the post. “To have your grandson make his first hole in one on this stage … WOW! #Family #Memoryofalifetime.”

He added, “Where, Tom Rinaldi, does this moment rank for me among @TheMasters memories? No. 1. What does it mean? Everything. And certainly enough to make this old man cry. What a day!”

Jack Nicklaus and G.T. Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus and G.T. Nicklaus


“I was just trying to hit it on the green, trying to hit a good shot,” the teen said to ESPN. “This is probably my favorite week of the year. This is a special tournament and golf is a sport I love. To have that happen is unbelievable. But my thought process was to do the best I could.”

Tom Watson, a 68-year-old who won the Masters twice, ended up as the victor of the Par-3 Contest.