Salim Mehajer Leaves Silverwater Jail After $200,000 Bail Posted

A smiling man in a suit accompanied by three people

The former deputy mayor of Auburn Salim Mehajer is a free man tonight after being released from jail following 10 weeks on remand.

A smiling Mr Mehajer was greeted by his father and lawyer outside Silverwater Correctional Complex in Western Sydney, before being whisked away in a late model dark Mercedes.

The suited-up 31-year-old has been in Silverwater jail since January 23 after being charged with perverting the course of justice for allegedly staging a car crash on his way to a court case.

The judge had said that he did not consider Mr Mehajer’s continued detention was justified.

Mr Mehajer was ordered to undergo anger management counselling.

The disgraced businessman won his freedom last Thursday, but it took until today for him to be released.

He is under strict bail conditions and must report twice daily to police.

During the hearing, the court learned Mr Mehajer was caught with another inmate’s prescription medicine.

He also used phone calls to his mother to patch Kieran Loveridge, the one punch killer of Thomas Kelly, through to Loveridge’s partner.

Recently, Mr Mehajer was declared bankrupt by the Federal Court.

His multimillion dollar estate is being managed by a trustee.