Mini Me Actor Verne Troyer in Hospital After Alleged Incident


Verne Troyer, the actor who played Mini Me in the Austin Powers movies, has been taken to hospital in Los Angeles.

Website The Blast reported that the 49-year-old star has been placed on “involuntarily psychiatric hold” after the LA Fire Department was called to his home.

 Troyer’s publicists have used their Instagram account to share a message with fans, but have not disclosed what the incident was or why he admitted to the hospital.

The message read: “Asking you to keep Verne in your thoughts.

“He’s getting the best care possible and resting comfortably.

“Appreciate the support from family, friends and fans around the world. We will keep you updated here.”

TMZ also claimed that Troyer was “suicidal” and is being kept in hospital for evaluation.

attnds the The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus Premiere at the Palais De Festivals the 62nd International Cannes Film Festival on May 22, 2009 in Cannes, France.

Troyer is best known for his role as the evil Mini Me in the Austin Powers movies, and has featured in other films such as Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone and Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus.

He was hospitalised last year for alcohol addiction and, at the time, released a statement explaining his condition.

“I’ve been hearing from some concerned fans, so I’d like to address a very personal situation,” he said.

“As you know, I’ve battled alcohol addiction in the past and while it’s not always been an easy fight, I’m willing to continue my fight day by day.

“I’ve been receiving treatment for the last week and I am voluntarily checking into a treatment centre later this week to continue to get the help that I need.

“I want to thank everyone that’s reached out with their messages of support, it truly means the world to me. With your support, I got this.”

Verne is one of the shortest men in the world, the result of a condition called achondroplasia, a genetic disorder which leads to dwarfism.