England in Africa? Printing Error Blamed for Comm Games Program Mistake

The official program for the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony on the Gold Coast has misprinted the wrong information under the English team’s overview – mistaking them for The Gambia.

The $10 booklet lists the population of England as 2,051,263 – falling well short of the actual number of 53 million – and lists the capital as Banjul.

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It also has that England competed in its first Games in 1970, despite the nation taking part in every Commonwealth Games since 1930.

A Commonwealth Games spokesperson said the misprint was a result of a formatting error when making room for The Gambia, just before printing.

“GOLDOC is aware of a formatting error in the England team overview section of the official GC2018 Program,” a spokesperson said in a statement to SBS News.

“The formatting error occurred when The Gambia was reinstated back into the Commonwealth and subsequently the Games only a few weeks ago. GOLDOC was determined to include The Gambia in the official program and with the late addition and update to the Program, the page required re-formatting at the last minute at the printers, causing the error.”

Nafisatu Umaru, a female hockey player from fellow African nation Ghana, made light of error when asked by reporters.

“England has made a great impact for us and England is part of our success story,” she told reporters.