The Reason Teachers didn’t Break up this Perth School Brawl

DISTURBING footage showing teachers standing by while students brawl at a Perth school has been met with an angry outcry from parents, but it turns out there is a reason they didn’t intervene.

The video, which was reportedly filmed at Atwell College on Tuesday, show two teenagers repeatedly punching each other while teachers can be seen standing in the background.

Nine News reported that the fight only stopped once another staff member came over to intervene and break up the violent brawl.

“My daughter showed me and I was disgusted,” one parent told Nine News.

“The teacher could have just pushed them apart and said, ‘right, up back to your class’, they didn’t. They just stood there and watched.”

A teacher can be seen standing among the students watching the fight. Picture: Nine News


The video shows the two boys exchanging punches while people watch on. Picture: Nine News

But the teacher’s union has defended the teacher’s actions, saying that they may not have got involved for fear of being charged with criminal assault charges from parents.

Teachers are not expected to intervene in physical fights and, if they do, the use of excessive force to restrain a student can be deemed an assault, though what is deemed ‘excessive’ depends on the circumstances.

But one father thinks the rules need to be changed to allow teachers to intervene in order to protect the students.

“If it’s the education department’s rules, it should be changed,” he said.

“Because now fights are going worse and bullying is getting worse and when’s it going to stop?”

The Western Australian education department is reportedly investigating the incident after acknowledging that the vision was disturbing.