Ball-Tampering Scandal: Australian Greats Ian Chappell and Mark Taylor Criticise Cricket Australia’s Cultural Blunder

The governing body hit Australia’s leaders Steve Smith and David Warner with 12-month bans, while batsman Cameron Bancroft received a nine-month sanction for his involvement in the ball-tampering scandal that brought Australian cricket to its knees.

It capped off a dramatic series in South Africa following a heated off-field incident between Warner and Proteas wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock that saw a sledgefest between both teams.

The bullies of the cricket world were finally brought into line with heavy punishments, however Chappell argues the saga could have been avoided if Cricket Australia had taken preventative action and addressed obvious cultural issues in the past.

‘’Captain’s are expected to be – as Richie Benaud used to say – two overs ahead of the game. In other words you have to be proactive as a captain,’’ Chappell told Channel Nine’s Sports Sunday.

‘’Why the hell are the administrators reactive all the time?

‘’I wrote 15 years ago that the more you allow to be said on the field, the more likely there will be something personal said, something personal at the wrong time. One bloke’s got a bat in his hand – it’s a dangerous weapon.

‘’I said there will be fistycuffs on the field and we’ve come pretty close.

‘’But now the ICC and Cricket Australia are just as much to blame because they’re in charge of their own team. They should have been sorting this problem out.

‘’Cricketers aren’t totally stupid, they do some very stupid things, but if you hit them with some very serious bans they’ll (say) ‘we’re not supposed to be doing that, we won’t go there again’.

‘’Cricket administration, as long as I’ve been involved in the game, they wait until something really bad happens.

‘’The other problem I’ve got is the administrators do really stupid things and it is always the players who get the punishment for their stupidity.’’

Former Australian captain Mark Taylor agreed that Cricket Australia should have taken a harder stance in the past, calling for CA boss James Sutherland to get tough in the future.

‘’I’ve been saying it for years about all this stuff – give players more match bans,’’ Taylor said.

‘’It’s 50 per cent (fine) of this and 20 per cent (fine) of that) – they’re all a waste of time.

‘’If we really want to spirits of cricket and the laws of the game, take players out of the game for the moment.

‘’One thing that soccer do well is if you get a red card you’re out and you’re out for the next few games as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re (Cristiano Ronaldo) or whatever.

‘’We don’t do that well in cricket and we’ve got to start doing it much better.’’

Smith, Warner and Bancroft are all seeking legal action over their bans after a life-changing week in their careers.