Alligator takes a Swim in Couple’s Indoor Pool in Florida

An 11ft (3m) alligator broke through a garden fence to enjoy a late-night swim in a couple’s indoor swimming pool.

Police and animal control experts had to drag the giant reptile out of the pool in Florida.

Homeowner Patricia Carver said her husband woke her up when he heard strange noises coming at their home in Calusa Lakes.

An animal expert was brought in to get the alligator out

She said: “He opened the curtain and saw the head of a gator and said, call 911, call 911!’

“I felt a little apprehensive but we could see he really wasn’t moving.”

Officers from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office attended the scene and live tweeted the rescue effort, posting the first picture of the alligator being lit up by the pool’s light.

Police move the reptile to safety

Animal rescuers were called in and dragged the beast by the neck to get it out of the pool.

Ms Carver believes the low water levels in local lagoons may have allowed the alligator to get into her pool.

The alligator may have come from low water levels in lagoons

She said the only damage to her property was to the porch door as the alligator was being removed.

It has been an animal-dominated Easter weekend for the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office – officers also found a large abandoned white rabbit.

They tweeted: “If the gator didn’t do it for ya, not to fret – we’re hoppin with excitement this wknd. Animals Svcs Officers found this guy. ”

They urged people to think twice before giving bunnies as presents, adding: “Pets aren’t short-term commitments.”