Great White Shark Shadows Police Boat on Patrol at Tapley Shoal, Nine Miles out to Sea

A ROUTINE day for the South Australian Police Water Operations Unit took a sinister turn after a great white shark started shadowing their two person boat.

The Investigator 2 main vessel was conducting checks of recreational boats at the Tapley Shoal about nine nautical miles east of Edithburgh when the animal decided to tag along.

A shark stalks a police launch at Tapley Shoal, about nine miles away from Edithburgh on Saturday. Picture: SAPOL

The police launch, used to gain easy access to other vessels, stumbled upon the large shark as it went about its business on the isolated reef.

Officers, unfazed by the silent presence following them, continued on their way.

They decided against breath testing the animal, who is thought to have reconsidered fighting the law.