Jessica Rowe Admits Working on Studio 10 Helped her ‘Find a Voice Again’… as she Prepares for her Last Day on the Show

She will bid an emotional farewell to Studio 10 on Friday after five years as a co-host on the show.

And Jessica Rowe has revealed that working on the show has helped her to ‘find my voice again’ and become ‘far more confident’.

‘I’ve changed as a person since I started on the show,’ the 47-year-old veteran presenter told Now To Love.

'I've changed as a person:' Jessica Rowe has working on Studio 10 helped her 'find a voice again' as she prepares for her final presenting stint on the show on Friday

‘I’ve become far more confident. Studio 10 really helped me find my voice again and I’ll never forget that,’ she continued candidly.

The host admitted her last day was going to be an emotional rollercoaster, explaining: ‘I don’t know how I’ll feel. It’s been a really big decision for me to make, but I know that its right but it’s right for me and my family.’

Jessica made the shock decision to quit Studio 10 earlier this month to spend more time with her husband Peter Overton and their two daughters.

But she admitted it wasn’t all rosy at home, as her hubby of 14 years is keen for her to learn to cook and clean now that she has more free time.

The veteran host confessed that Peter jokingly warned her he runs a ‘very tight ship’ in the kitchen and that right now ‘everything ‘falls apart’ when she takes over.

Emotional: 'I've become far more confident. Studio 10 really helped me find my voice again and I'll never forget that,' she continued candidly

'He says it all falls apart when I'm here!' She also admitted Peter Overton wants her to learn to cook and clean now that she's quit Studio Ten

‘I cant cook and I’m not going to learn any time soon,’ she said on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show on Thursday.

‘My dear husband was very cheeky and said the other day ‘Oh pussycat, you might have a bit more time for cleaning now’ and ‘I said I don’t think so’, she recalled.

‘We were lying in bed together, he said ‘in the mornings I run a very tight ship here and you have to stick to the time when you’re getting up and getting out the door’.’

Jackie added, laughing: ‘According to Pete when I’m there it all falls apart. He’s such a darling, he cleans before the cleaner comes.’

Eek! The veteran host, 47, confessed that Peter jokily warned her he runs a 'very tight ship' in the kitchen and that right now 'everything 'falls apart' when she takes over

Jessica revealed she was leaving Studio 10 earlier this month, telling viewers: ‘It’s been a very hard thing for me to do, but it’s because my family need me.

‘I want to be more present, I want to be a more present mum for my girls, Allegra and Giselle. They need their mum.’

Jessica married to Channel Nine newsreader Peter in 2004 and the couple share daughters Allegra, 11, and Giselle, eight.

Discussing what’s next after Studio 10, Jessica said: ‘I cannot wait to begin this new part of my life.

Cheeky! 'My dear husband was very cheeky and said the other day "Oh pussycat, you might have a bit more time for cleaning now" and "I said I don't think so", she recalled (pictured with their daughters Allegra, 11, and Giselle, eight)

‘I get to take my girls to school in the morning and hopefully not be so grumpy in the afternoons.

‘We’ve all got to take risks in our lives and make a change and listen to what your heart tells you. I’d been umming and ahhing for about six months.’

She added that Giselle and Allegra are overjoyed at the prospect of spending more time with their mum.

‘They are so excited. The day I resigned, Giselle said ‘Mummy you seem happier’. I thought ‘that pretty much sums it up’.

‘Allegra, who’s 11 going on 30, is really excited, she said ‘Mummy I can’t wait to have you around in the mornings’, she wants me to volunteer in the tuck shop.’