Bikie Boss Michael Murray Jailed Over ‘Blunt Refusal’ to Co-Operate

COMANCHEROS outlaw bikie boss Michael Murray has been jailed for contempt, after refusing to co-operate with Victorian authorities, saying “I’m not a dog”.

The 40-year-old was hauled before Victoria’s chief examiner to be quizzed about four serious alleged offences in March last year.

On Wednesday, Victorian Supreme Court Justice Peter Riordan jailed Murray for eight months for contempt, saying his refusal to be sworn and co-operate with authorities was “deliberate and flagrant”.

“Your refusal to be sworn … was blatant, and you have not sought to purge your contempt,” he said.

Comanchero bikie boss Michael Murray has been jailed for contempt.

Victoria Police’s division targeting outlaw bikie gangs had summoned Murray to appear before the examiner, for questioning about organised crime offences, but he repeatedly refused to participate.

“Mate, this is very, very simple. I’m not a dog. I’m not answering questions. I’m not lagging anyone,” he said.

“You’re wasting your time.” Murray also expressed concern about the secrecy of the coercive process, calling it the “worst kept secret in Melbourne”.

“You guys can try and keep it a secret. It’s not,” he said.

The court heard Murray was approached repeatedly by police who advised him they had uncovered a plan to harm him and his family, and his life was in danger. The threats, and his role in the outlaw bikie gang, has led to Murray being housed in 23-hour lockdown in Barwon Prison’s Acacia unit in a cell with no windows.

Mick Murray is under 23-hour lockdown in Barwon Prison. Picture: Hamish Blair

But Justice Riordan said his refusal to co-operate was not based on fear of retribution, but a desire to maintain the code of silence.

“Your blunt refusal to co-operate was in direct defiance of the legislation,” he said.

“You have demonstrated no remorse and your prospects of rehabilitation are poor.” The judge took into account his harsh prison regimen and threats to him and his family, in sentencing.