Love Swimming in Summers? Check for Alligators on the Pool Floor Before Diving in

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It isn’t uncommon for people in Florida to find alligators and crocodiles in their surroundings, however, no matter how prepared one is, imagine the shock of actually finding one in the swimming pool! Only last year, during the summer months, a family in Florida dragged a gigantic alligator off from their private swimming pool. Looks like history has repeated itself with a homeowner in Orlando going into shock at the sight of the reptile enjoying a swim in his private pool.

Soon the firefighters were called to rescue the alligator, which was estimated to be around six-foot-long. Interestingly, it only took the rescuers couple of minutes to trap the alligator and take it out from the pool. Once out, they then dragged the reptile to a nearby grass area and taped it to shut its jaw. Even the limbs were tied together before transporting it back to the waters, according to a News 6 report.

Pictures of the alligator were later shared on the official Twitter page of Orange County Fire Rescue team. Along with the photographs, they wrote, “This 6 ft gator decided to enjoy the afternoon at the pool! Thank you Alligator Trappers for the safe rescue!”