Afghan Asylum Seeker criminal filth to be deported from Australia

Afghan asylum seeker come crime lord, Mohammad Qais Niazy , is to be deported from Australia back to Afghanistan from whence he came.

Australia’s Immigration Minister Peter Dutton signed off on revoking Mohammad Qais Niazy permanent residency in Australia because of his serial criminal activity in Australia.

Mohammad Qais Niazy is to be forcibly escorted handcuffed and ankle-cuffed aboard a one-way Air India flight back to Kabul once court prosecution is finalised. His Visa will be stamped “Barred from Australia for Life“.

Mohammad Qais Niazy has criminal form:

• Cocaine importation

• Cocaine possession and dealing

• Violent assault

• Drive-by shootings and attempted murder across Sydney

• Possession and discharge of illegal firearms – sawn-off longarm, unregistered firearm and a prohibited weapon.

• Money laundering

• Extortion as a member of outlawed ethnic bikie gangs NOTORIOUS and NOMADS

• Member of outlawed ethnic crime gang ‘Afghani Murderers’

• Intimidating police

• Obsession with posting stolen bank notes on Facebook

Mohammad Qais Niazy is currently in police custody in Sydney awaiting trial in the Parramatta District Court.  He is to be auto-deported if acquitted or immediately after the completion of any further gaol time.

Australia should deduct the costs from our Defence budget in Afghanistan.  The cumulative cost of Afghanis let into Australia by the Labor and Liberal Party when in government, must be in the order of a billion dollars, the same amount Labor’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr gifted to Afghanistan in August 2012 – $1,000,000,000 of Australian taxpayer wealth!

Mohammad Qais Niazy, a core member of the Afghani Murderers gang, known as Ace Niazy and Ali Gewad, was out on bail for gun possession, before being arrested again by Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad (MEOCS) officers last year.

On Facebook, Niazy had previously taken aim at MEOCS and other agencies.uses Facebook to regularly taunt police, posting pictures of large piles of cash and himself sniffing cocaine and mocking up $100 notes reading ‘F**k all cop’.