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Jeff Bezos takes Robot Dog for Walk; Photo Looks Like Scene Straight out of Science Fiction Movie

Who wouldn’t like to have a robot that could work like a machine and had an understanding of a human? So, when Amazon founder Jeff Bezos stepped out with a dog-like robot, the Internet lost its calm. The picture that has been liked over 13,000 times and retweeted over 3,400 times, at the time of writing, makes it look like we are living in 3018. What’s more, the picture shows Bezos walking with the robot like it’s no one’s business and reflects how they have known each other for quite a while.

Wondering what it is called? Boston Dynamics’ dog-like robot is named as SpotMini. The four-legged machine can open the door for people, and has many fans on social media. Sharing the picture on Twitter, Bezos wrote: “Taking my new dog for a walk at the #MARS2018 conference. #BostonDynamics!” Doesn’t the photo that Bezos tweeted out to his 480,000 Twitter followers look like a scene straight out of a science-fiction movie?

Twitterverse fell in love with this picture, and flooded the micro-blogging site with their reactions.

If you feel that the robot looks familiar, you’re not wrong. Boston Dynamics’ YouTube channel is filled with many more interesting robot videos and one of them is SpotMini’s clip. This video is quite popular on social media and has more than nine million views on YouTube.