Public Hearing in Place for Case of Byron Bay Teen Beaten by Police

FOUR police officers caught on video beating a disoriented teenager in Byron Bay as he screams for help will be subject to a public hearing looking to investigate misconduct.

CCTV footage aired on A Current Affair showed shocking vision of a 16-year-old schoolboy with no clothes on being held down by officers, sworn at and struck with a baton in a northern NSW street in the early hours of January 11 this year.

The violent confrontation was aired on national television not long after the incident, causing outrage in the local community and shining a light on police brutality.

The injuries the schoolboy suffered. Picture: A Current Affair
Bruises on the 16-year-old’s body. Picture: A Current Affair


The unide

ntified teen, who reportedly has Aspergers, was on the ground in Lateen Lane when police arrived.

Police say pepper spray was used after he became aggressive, and a Taser was deployed when he attempted to assault the officers.

Police will allege the teen continued to aggressively resist the officers before he was arrested and taken to Byron Bay police station.

CCTV footage aired on A Current Affair of the incident. Picture: A Current Affair

Eye witnesses said they heard a man yelling in the backstreet about 2am, and realised a naked man was the one making noise in the street. A neighbour called police.

The young man’s parents, who have not spoken on the record, are said to be furious about the incident.

They were reportedly out for dinner when their son went for a walk, but stayed in touch with him via phone.

However when they wanted him to come home, he did not respond. The next they heard about him was after they got a phone call from the local hospital about 3am, where he was taken for treatment of his injuries.

The LECC say they are taking the case very seriously.

The victim told the body he did not remember much about the attack, saying he met up with local kids who gave him a glass of wine before he became disoriented.

The public hearing starts on Monday.