Centrelink Customer Racially Abuses Customers, Including a Woman in a Hijab, and Claims the Government does Nothing to Help Australians

A man is on the run from police after he was filmed racially abusing customers and staff at a Centrelink office.

The man was caught on camera yelling obscenities at an office in

, north Adelaide on Monday morning.

‘I didn’t vote for multiculturalism did I?’ the man can be heard screaming as staff try to remove him.

‘But you will do whatever you can for every other c**t other than Australians.’

He then targets another Centrelink client calling her a ‘black b**ch’ and questioning how much money she receives.

The man says he will ‘smash’ staff as they attempt to protect children who are near him.

As the man leaves the building he offers one final piece of abuse: ‘f**k youse all, you will pay me my f**king money’.

The video was filmed on a mobile phone of another Centrelink customer.

South Australia Police told Daily Mail Australia they have identified the man but are yet to track him down.

They attended the office about 11.30am, but by that time the man had already left.

Police enquiries into the incident are ongoing.