Woman who Allegedly Performed Oral Sex on Man on NSW Train has ‘No Memory’ of Incident

A WOMAN who was caught on camera allegedly performing oral sex on a man while travelling on a New South Wales train claims she has no memory of the incident.

Chantell Gordon, 34, was charged with wilful and obscene exposure and offensive behaviour in a public place after the alleged daylight romp in Wollongong, south of Sydney, on December 14.

TheDaily Mail reported that Ms Gordon was approached about the incident on Monday. According to the report, she admitted she had a problem with drugs but said “I can’t remember” when questioned about her alleged encounter with Shane Brennan, 38.

The pair made headlines after Brennan admitted he approached Ms Gordon who was masturbating on a nearby seat while travelling on the 9.56am service from Port Kembla to Wollongong on December 14.

He said he soon found himself on the receiving end of “free” oral sex.

The father-of-three told the Daily Mail she said to him on the platform: “I’m horny, will you f**k me?” before he pulled his pants down.

The train’s CCTV caught the incident on camera and station staff at Wollongong were waiting for the pair when they arrived.

After staff saw Brennan on the train with his pants down and holding his penis, they called the police.

Sen-Constable Lockyer said after he had finished speaking with Brennan, he was told to leave the station.

Not long after that, the officer saw a woman walk out of the bathroom and “put two and two together”.

Ms Gordon said she was “shocked” to learn she had been in the news.

“Someone told me yesterday and I didn’t believe them because I haven’t been in trouble,” she said.

She claimed police had only recently told her she hadn’t been causing trouble.

‘They said I hadn’t been in trouble and stuff like that,’ she said. ‘They said I was getting a fine for (the sex incident)’.

Shane Brennan was convicted of sex offences on a NSW train.


Shane Brennan said a woman approached him on a train and asked: ‘Will you f*** me?’

Brennan was convicted of offensive behaviour and wilful and obscene exposure at Wollongong Local Court, an hour south of Sydney, after pleading guilty to both charges.