Hillary Clinton’s Trip to India Cost Taxpayers More Than $22K

Image: Report: Hillary Clinton's Trip to India Cost Taxpayers More Than $22K

Secret Service protection for Hillary Clinton during a trip to India cost taxpayers more than $22,000, The Washington Free Beacon reported Monday.

Publicly disclosed federal contract information reports that the State Department awarded contracts for $16,143 and $6,301 for Clinton’s security detail for the trip, the Free Beacon reported.

Clinton, as a former first lady, receives Secret Service protection for life. She was on the India trip as a private citizen, and the U.S. embassy in New Delhi, which operates under the State Department’s Bureau of South and Central Asian affairs, awarded the contracts, the Free Beacon noted.

Other contracts worth $21,093 and $23,690 were awarded to the American consulate in Mumbai and Maheshwar, other locations that Clinton visited during the trip, according to the Free Beacon.