‘He’s Taking Uber to Court!’ Karl Stefanovic is ‘Suing Company for a Breach of Contract’ as More Details of THAT ‘B*tchy’ Audio About Co-Host Georgie Gardner Emerge

A source close to Karl Stefanovic’s team confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that the Today show co-host is ‘heading to court over a leaked Uber tape’.

The 43-year-old is said to be ‘issuing legal proceedings’ for a ‘breach of contract and privacy’ after an alleged phone conversation was sold to New Idea magazine.

The audio is claimed to involve a ‘b*tchy’ and frank discussion on Georgie Gardner and other network talent, between Karl and brother Peter Stefanovic.

EXCLUSIVE: 'He's taking Uber to court!' Karl Stefanovic is said to be 'suing travel company for a breach of contract' as more details of THAT 'b*tchy' audio about co-host Georgie Gardner emerge

A source close to Karl’s team told Daily Mail Australia: ‘Karl is heading to court over the leaked Uber tape – which is set to be made public on Monday’.

‘The Nine frontman will issue legal proceedings against the global rider-share scheme.’

The insider went on to confirm that by the ‘end of the next week, documents should be filed in court,’ with an understanding that the claims ‘would centre around a breach of contract and privacy’.

'I don't know how she is going to be able to continue to sit opposite him': Claims things are going to be VERY awkward between Karl Stefanovic and Georgie Gardner as more details of THAT 'b*tchy' Uber audio emerge 

It’s been alleged that one of Uber’s independent drivers recorded a conversation between Karl and his brother Peter, 36.

Peter was a passenger at the time and talking to his brother on loud speaker.

Speaking to 6PR Breakfast on Friday, journalist Peter Ford alleged that Georgie Gardner would struggle to sit next to Karl on the Today show, after what he reportedly said about her during the conversation.

‘It’s going to be an ugly week in there at Channel Nine next week,’ Ford told hosts Steve Mills and Basil Zempilas.

Explosive conversation: Earlier this week, reports emerged that an Uber driver was allegedly shopping around details of Peter Stefanovic speaking to Karl on loud speaker

According to Ford, New Idea will run details of the ‘highly embarrassing’ conversation on Monday, however says there is no recording – the conversation is a recollection of the Uber driver’s memory.

Speaking to 6PR, Ford alleged that the contents of the conversation would ‘pull apart’ Karl and Georgie’s already difficult relationship.

‘One that people are going to focus on is Georgie Gardner, because that is a very testy relationship anyway,’ he claimed.

‘I don’t want to quote things because I don’t have it front of me either, but this relationship – I don’t know how Georgie is going to be able to continue to sit opposite him as of next week.’

Highly embarrassing: Karl's Today co-host Richard Wilkins is believed to be another person mentioned in the conversation

Ford claimed the conversation also covered other people Peter and Karl worked with at Channel Nine.

‘It is going to be highly embarrassing for both the Stefanovic brothers as of next week when this magazine is on the shelves, because they give serves to not only on-air talent including Richard Wilkins and Georgie Gardner, but to a number of major executives at the Channel Nine Network,’ Ford alleged.

The siblings also allegedly spoke about Nine News and Current Affairs head honcho Darren Wick, Today’s Mark Calvert and 60 Minutes’ Kirsty Thomson during their chat, which took place when Peter was in an Uber and speaking to his brother Karl on loudspeaker.

Mystery: While it is claimed Peter made a late-night phone call, the full conversation has not yet  been released