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A Legendary Pilot M M Alam who shot down five Indian fighter aircraft in 55 seconds

The 1965 war between Pakistan and India resulted in the winning of Pakistan’s Nation. But this war nominated a number of heroes of Pakistan forces who sacrificed and fought for this land. India crossed the International border and violated the International Rules. This gave spirit to the Men to destroy the filthy ideas of enemy.

Pakistan Air Force is smaller in size as compared to the army, but it has been very lucky to proportionally produce more legendary figures. Mr Alam was definitely one of the best Pakistan Air Force has produced. Indian forces fanaticised that they will remove Pakistan forces form their way. But they didn’t know that M M Alam was waiting for them. Air Commodore (r) M. M. Alam, Sitara-i-Jurat ‘Bar’, the legendary fighter pilot became the first in history who destroyed 5 Indian jets in less than a minute.

Pakistan had to face an enemy 5x bigger, but fighters like Mohammad Mehmood Alam with their best abilities and professional skills showed world that Only true spirit could lead to winning point.  Alam was listed on the top of the hall of fame list at the PAF Museum in Karachi because of his fearless and devoted life towards Pakistan.

He made a world record in less than a minute, i.e., he shot down five Indian fighter aircraft in 55 seconds, thus becoming an ‘ace’ pilot in the 1965 war against India in the shortest possible time. Those 55 seconds in the murky weather of September 1965 unleashed an unprecedented fury into the veins of Indian Air Force whose backbone was virtually crushed by this greatest fighter pilot of the modern jet warfare era and, overall, one of the best in the history of fighter flying.

This unique feat was neither achieved by American fighter pilots in Korea or Vietnam or in the Middle East nor by any European or American fighter pilots during World War II despite their long engagements. Mr. Alam flew the F-86 Sabre and in the 1965 war downed a total of NINE Indian jets!

Five of these were shot down by hero in ONE minute; the first four downed in 30 seconds; which is a world record

M.M Alam, The Little Dragon of Pakistan made us proud. Today is the 5th Death Anniversary of M M Alam.

This writing is a tribute to Fighter Pilot (6 July 1935 – 18 March 2013), M M Alam. Written by Amna Fazail