Sydney Turns Green as Thousands take to the Streets (and pubs) to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

As the sun began to set on a rowdy St Patrick’s Day, people started getting a little bit cheeky as celebrations continued into the night.

Thousands of people flooded Sydney streets dressed in green, hoping for some luck of the Irish.

The traditional Celtic day attracted punters to the CBD wearing over sized green hats, green novelty headbands and face paint.

While some people were spotted wearing hues of green head-to-toe complete with matching eye shadow, others opted for quirky leprechaun suits.

One brave reveller was seen wearing a bright green suit while a woman was wearing a mermaid-style green sequin skirt.

Exhausted from a long Saturday of Irish antics, a woman was lucky enough to get a ride from a fellow reveller giving her the opportunity to rest her feet.

Jameson was ripe through Sydney, giving those keen a taste of the popular Irish beverage – some even wearing tattoos with the logo.

Green with envy: Many took wearing green outfits to the next level completing their outfits with green eye-shadow 

Lucky leprechauns: These three women wore leprechaun headbands while other donned green sashes and sequin skirts

Huge hats were a popular sight through the Australian city on Saturday as were quirky, yet temporary, face tattoos (pictured)

Sea of green: Hundreds appeared eager to wear their best green outfits, one completing look with a matching green tiara

These women appeared to enjoy the traditional day in matching green and white outfits with four-leaf clover sunglasses

Some people were spotted wearing touches of green head to toe complete with quirky leprechaun headbands (pictured)

Despite wearing the country’s lucky colour, one person appeared unlucky while another person seemed to have a heated discussion with them.

Not everyone had a pleasant time celebrating St Patrick’s Day as an altercation took place on the streets between at least five people.

In a separate incident, one person wearing a murky green t-shirt also appeared to be having a discussion with two police officers.

Three women embraced the Celtic charm but donning large green four-leaf clovers, perhaps hoping to attract some luck.

One person wearing a murky green t-shirt appeared to be having a discussion with two police officers as the day wore on

As the sun began to set on the long day of celebrations, thousands of people continued the celebrations on Sydney streets

Huge four-leaf clover hats were a popular fashion choice as were ginger beards and lime coloured accessories

One quirky group were spotted wearing four-leaf clover pattered braces and a matching bow tie as they carried a grocery bag

Some people wore huge grins on their faces as the day wore down but some appeared slightly fatigued (pictured)

This woman was spotted wanting the luck of the Irish with a four-left clover stamped to her cheek and Jameson tattoo on arm

Matchy matchy: This pair wore matching green and black outfits, however one wore stripey green knee high socks with heels

This green floral body suit appeared to be a good choice to celebrate like the Irish in the scorching heat 

All out: One man was spotted wearing the Irish flag around his shoulders while others wore novelty head pieces (pictured)