Toe-Curling Footage Shows Medic Battling the Worst Case of EARWAX he has Ever Seen in his 10-Year Career

If you don’t have a strong stomach you might not want to watch this man have his ear cleaned.

The footage shows the moment an audiologist extracted the ‘worst case’ of earwax that he has ever come across.

Neel Raithatha, from Leicester, spent 10 minutes chiseling a huge block of the yellow substance from a patient’s ear.

The procedure normally takes less than half that time, but because the wax was so deeply stuck it could not be sucked out and more drastic measures were needed.

Instead, Mr Raithatha had to use an ear hook to scrape at the solid wax.

An audiologist with 10 years experience called the procedure the most difficult he had ever faced at his Hear Clinic surgery in Leicester.

Mr Raithatha, who has 43,000 subscribers on YouTube, told MailOnline “This client had extremely stubborn and impacted earwax.

“It’s not a serious health risk, except that a person’s hearing can be so badly affected they can no longer hear important environment sounds, such as oncoming traffic.

“It would have been impossible for the patient for remove the earwax by themselves because it was so severely impacted.

Earwax usually falls out on its own, however, in some cases it can become blocked.

It cannot be prevented as the wax is there to protect ears from dirt and germs.

Using ear drops softens wax, which helps it to fall out and prevents blockages.

Mr Raithatha added: “Also it is not safe to do it by yourself and it should always be done by a professional.

“The whole procedure took me 10 minutes, which is rare. It normally only takes two or three.

“It was certainly the worst case of earwax build-up I have ever seen, and the patient was shocked by how much had come out.

“I believe the build-up came from years of accumulation and frequent use of cotton buds which is not advisable as it pushes the earwax further into the ear canal.’

Mr Raithatha has amassed more than 36 million views on YouTube since he began to upload his videos in 2013.