Shannon Noll is Mercilessly Mocked on Social Media After Coming Second AGAIN on ‘I’m A Celebrity’… 15 years after losing Australian Idol

He’s no stranger to coming runner-up on an Australian reality show.

And fans were quick to troll country singer Shannon Noll after comedian Fiona O’Loughlin was named winner of ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’ on Monday night.

Taking to Twitter and Instagram, a number of fans made references to the What About Me singer’s devastating loss to Guy Sebastian on Australian Idol way back in 2003.

What about me! Fans, including Osher Gunsberg and Grant Denyer, have been quick to troll Shannon Noll after he was announced as the runner up on 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here' on Monday night

In a number of savage posts, fans, including a number of celebrities ribbed the 42-year-old father-of-three about the loss in a fairly good-natured way.

‘For the record I had nothing to do with Shannon coming 2nd again. @drchrisbrown this one’s on you,’ Former Idol host Osher Gunsberg wrote.

Runner-up, again! The country singer appeared emotional after the loss. He previously said he would be 'spewing' if he came in second on the reality show

Family Feud host and radio personality Grant Denyer followed-up with an Instagram post about the ARIA-nominated performer.

‘Poor Bastard. It’s happened again. It’s not an Aussie reality TV comp unless Shannon Noll comes 2nd,’ the funnyman wrote, adding a photo of a sad-looking Nollsie to the post.

Fans of the show were quick to put their quick wit on display: ‘There’s no Australian reality tv without Shannon Noll coming second,’ Michael Harper wrote, under the Twitter handle, @mharper226.

Blame the doctor! Quick-witted Osher referenced his time as the host of Australian Idol

It happened again! Family Feud host and radio personality Grant Denyer took a quick dig at the country singer 

And the winner is! The judges were shocked and surprised to call out comedian Fiona O'Loughlin's name as the winner of the reality show

Another fan having a good laugh at the Learn to Fly singer’s expense.

‘Plot twist – Nollsie is runner-up and Guy Sebastian appears from the jungle to claim first prize,’ Isabella Batkovic wrote.

However, it wasn’t all bad for the Orange-born singer.

Bit drab? Shannon got a couple of backhanded compliments
He's a great runner up! A number of fans referenced his 2003 loss on Australian Idol 
#Whataboutshannon! A number of fans came up with quick-witted hashtags  

‘Excuse me is channel 10 setting up Nollsy for a 2003 idol repeat? Pray for Nollsy,’ Twitter user Jessica Riley wrote, adding the hashtags #whataboutshannon #itisntfair

Previously Shannon has said he would be ‘spewing’ if he came second, after his loss to Guy on the reality show singing competition.

Guy appears! A number of fans referenced singer Guy Sebastian going into the South African jungle