Mum Turns Own Placenta Into Chocolate After Slicing it on a Chopping Board and Mixing it with Oreos

A mum-of-two has filmed herself turning her own placenta into chocolates she can eat in a bid to improve her post-natal health.

Beautician Kiley Whitworth was joined in her kitchen by a professional placenta-preparer to whip up a batch of the chocolates hearts and a set of Oreo truffles.

She recorded the action in a series of tweets as she turned the bloodied organ into a tasty chocolate treat.

Footage showing the large jellyfish-shaped organ being dehydrated, blended and turned into truffles and heart-shaped chocolates Kiley then ate has clocked up millions of social media views.

But her post has sparked a fiery debate, with some condemning the move as “cannibalism” while others have thrown their support behind the young mum’s unusual treats.

Kiley, 23, from Georgia, in the USA, gave birth to son Samuel on Tuesday.

She said: “After I gave birth to my newborn, Samuel, at an all-natural midwife centre, I saw a card for a placenta encapsulation and decided why not?

“I was hesitant because I know it’s gross, but after researching all the health benefits I decided it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Your baby lives off that. That’s how they get all their nutrients from you, so when you give birth and get rid of it, you’re losing all those nutrients.”

Just hours after giving birth Kiley was met by a placenta preparer at her home.

Together, the pair drained and steamed the organ before cutting it up and dehydrating it along with the umbilical cord and amniotic sac.

The following day after 16 hours of dehydration, the now-blackened placenta was blended into a powder.

Viral video footage shows Kiley then using this powder as the basis for Oreo truffles and love heart-shaped chocolates which she has now been instructed to scoff every day for a month.

At the end of her Snapchat story documenting the experience, Kiley filmed herself chowing down on one of the sweets – but said the placenta flavour was undetectable.

Mothers eating their placentas began in the 1970s, but in recent years has taken the world stage with celebrity endorsements from Coleen Rooney and Kim Kardashian.

Subscribers believe that the nutrients passed from mother to foetus during pregnancy are still held within the placenta and should not be disposed of.

The women who eat it say it can improve mood, alleviate post-natal depression, heighten energy levels, and encourage breast milk supply.

But placentophagia, as it’s known, has not yet escaped the societal stigma that hangs over it – something Kiley said she had learned first hand.

Kiley said: “There has definitely been some backlash, people saying ‘that’s gross, that’s cannibalism, you’re eating yourself’. But I think they’re just ignorant.

“But I’ve also had so much love and support, my inbox has been blowing up with people saying I inspired them to do the same.

“Almost all animals eat their placenta, so there’s obviously a reason for that. Why not give it a shot?

“Word of warning though: don’t do it yourself.

“Make sure you have a specialist who has been trained to do this, because if it’s not done properly you can make yourself very sick.”